Music lights up my soul. I collect tracks which move me and then I use them in the healing journeys I create to stir up emotions, inspire a feeling of power, uplift and create celebration, all whilst intuitively guiding you towards transformation.

To date I have created over 52 of these healing journeys that you can explore within the Intuity Bliss membership site. Each time takes you on a different journey as we explore topics like past lives, psychic surgery, ancestral healing and deep clearing of emotions, as well as many more.

Below is a healing journey for you to enjoy for FREE, so you can explore the power of healing through Intuity Bliss. Healing can be gentle. I recommend plugging in good quality headphones or speakers. Lie back and drop into Bliss!

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Wow Keith just listened to the Intuity Bliss shadow session. Wow what a ride you took me on! Very very powerful experience!!! Thank you beautiful soul I will definitely listen to it again! ❤️

Petra Zaneva, UK

The Intuity Bliss Ancestral healing was one of the most wonderful and emotional journeys I’ve ever been on. As a breathwork facilitator I’ve heard many but Keith’s profoundly moving music, reminded me of lucid dream retreats we have been on with guides.
I found myself flying high above a kaleidoscope of my life back to a time I had totally forgotten about and the intense feeling I had for my dad who for years I’ve struggled with.
Can’t wait for the next one.Thank you

Thank you."

Clive, Ibiza

I listened to Gratitude this morning and loved it. Anna sings like an angel. It’s helped shift something as feeling stronger. Thank you for sharing your gifts through music magical journeys of letting go.

Jeanine Hanneman

Incredible music

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