Unlock Your Potential To Manifest: Heal Your Pre-Existing State of Being

The Art Of Root Healing

Discover the power of emotional tracing to identify and release the root causes of your manifestation blocks,

paving the way for abundance in all areas of life

CHOOSE FROM EITHER: Sunday 9th June 12 Noon New York EDT / 9am PDT / 5pm London

Tuesday 11th June 2pm New York EDT / 11am PDT / 7pm London

Are you looking for better relationships, improved health, increased abundance, or greater happiness? You're in the right place.

Join us live to uncover The Art of Root Healing.

Designed for those already in the industry, such as hypnotherapists, coaches, and healers who are looking to take their skills to the next level, or anyone who is looking to permanently break free of their own looping emotional states such as anxiety, grief, or anger.

At this event, Keith will explore how our past emotions shape our present actions and decisions.

  • The Impact of Past Emotions on Present Actions: Discover how unresolved emotions from past experiences recreate themselves in our present lives, influencing behavior and outcomes.

  • Shifting States of Being: Learn to trace emotions to their origin and transform them, breaking free from limiting patterns and creating new, empowered ways of acting and feeling.

  • Emotional Tracing and Root Emotions: Identify and work with root emotions such as fear or sadness, which often underlie surface emotions like anger or frustration, for lasting transformation.

  • Empowerment Through Healing: Move from a place of disempowerment, dictated by past emotions, to a state of empowerment where you have the freedom to choose your responses and actions.

  • Living in the Heart: Embrace the importance of being present and centered, operating from the heart to access true power and intuition.

  • Combining Healing and Sensing: Develop the ability to sense energy and emotions, facilitating deeper healing and accurately identifying the origins of issues.

We are running the event twice to maximise the opportunity to join us live. If you can't make one of these times a replay will be available. You can also apply to receive a live Root Healing during the sessions.


Bonus 1

Emotional Tracing - A guided journey to beautiful ambient music that you can use as a support to trace your emotions [Audio Download]

Bonus 2

An Opportunity To Book A Call With One of the team to Explore How You Can Bring The Power Of Root Healing to your life and Your Hypnotherapy, Coaching or Healing Practise.

Our Method Focuses on Four Key Areas:


Pre-existing states of being

 Identify and understand the states that hold you back.


Emotional tracing

Learn to trace the origins of your emotions to heal and move forward.



Learn about dancing with your and your clients protections that are keeping you stuck, so you can finally breakthrough and shift your state of being to one that serves you rather than limits you.


Sensory information

Tap into the vast amount of information available through your senses to enhance your healing process

Why Attend?

By the end of this event, you'll have practical tools and insights to shift your state of being and transform your life. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your true potential and create lasting change.

Unlock the secrets to emotional freedom and manifest the life you desire. Spaces are limited, so secure your place today and start your journey to transformation.

What other people are saying... ​

"I’ve just completed Module 1 of the Intuity Practitioner Training with Keith Hodges and all I can say is WOW.

Where I am now, and where I was at the beginning of this 5-day course are not even in the same dimension. Not only have I started learning how to open myself up, live through my heart, and trust my senses; I have been through a powerful self-healing as well.

Before, I was energetically stuck and unable to move forwards in my life no matter how hard I tried. I was blocked from being able to make a decision to stop putting myself second, and was enduring in a place of unhappiness, rather than risk making other people unhappy.

I have been able to face my fears and my emotions and to acknowledge how unhappy I was. I was able to take back my power and realise that the only person I am responsible for making happy, is me.

Thank you Keith. I am excited about my future and about continuing my journey into Module 2 and the full practitioner course. If 5 days brought me this far I can’t wait to see what a year will bring."

- Donna

"The thing about Keith is his intuition. He listens not just to what you say but to what you don't say. He is gifted at helping you identify problems and guide you through solving them yourself. "

- Steve

"This has been one of the most profound courses I have ever taken. It connected me to my unreachable part and touched the deepest part of me that I was not able to reach. Moreover, the connections and support of the group has been immeasurable. Such a beautiful experience and space!

Keith's teaching is truly authentic and comes from his heart, his Being. This course beautifully transforms your life and takes your hand and leads you to more possibilities that are waiting for you if you allow it and if you choose it. It enabled me to reach my power. Within those few days, I was able to open the senses that I had never accessed and clear so many deep emotions within my body."

- Parisa

" I can honestly say that meeting Keith has changed my life. It felt as if we were embarking on a journey that was tailor made to meet my individual needs, and ensured a positive outcome.

Keith is indeed an exceptionally intuitive professional in his field, and I firmly believe the help and guidance he offers is totally unique and highly effective. "

- Nikki

The Art Of Root Healing

Learn How To Trace The Origin Of Your Emotions And Those Of Your Clients Every Time With Velocity

Sunday 9th June 12 Noon New York EDT / 9am PDT / 5pm London

Tuesday 11th June 2pm New York EDT / 11am PDT / 7pm London

Replay will be available. You can also apply to have a live Root Healing during the sessions.

About Keith Hodge​

Keith Hodge has been a hypnotherapist and energy healer since 2006 and an acupuncturist since 2012. He is the founder of the Intuity International academy.

Through his 17 years of running two clinics and seeing 20 – 25 people a week, Keith’s focus has consistently been on what will make the biggest difference to his clients in the quickest way. This has led to the creation of the root healing system and the groundbreaking tools he now teaches to other hypnotherapists, coaches and healers so they too can support their clients in transforming at the deepest level.

His students learn the power of root healing, open/develop their ability to sense the energetic world and facilitate profound root healing sessions.

He has facilitated training and retreats in countries around the world such as the United States, Europe, the UK, Indonesia and online.

Keith Hodge

Intuity International, London, UK

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