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Join Keith and his guides as they take you into deep journeys of self discovery, helping you find and heal those moments in the time that are keeping you stuck in a state of being that no longer serves you. Choose from a growing library of healing journeys, all created with ambient DJ music to help take you go deep.

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Choose from a growing library of healing journeys, all created with ambient DJ music to help take you go deep. You will enjoy journeys like:

  • Living Through The Heart | Part 1 Of The Becoming Series | 1hr 7mins

  • Diving Beneath Protection Into Root Emotion | 1hr 11mins

  • Enlightenment Waves | 1hr 3mins

  • Gifts From Past Lifetimes | 1hr 25mins

  • Power Retrieval | 1hr 2mins

  • Psychic Surgery Blue Print | 1hr 27mins

  • Past Life Healing | 1hr 22mins

  • Shifting Your Being | 1hr 25mins

  • Healing To Open To The Senses And Connect With Guides | 1hr 28mins

  • Ancestral Healing | 1hr 22mins

  • Emotions, Overwhelm, Grounding | 1hr 29mins

  • Soul Retrieval | 1hr 27mins

  • Meeting Our Higher Self | 1hr 26mins

  • Loss/Grief | 1hr 27mins

  • Deep Clearing Part 2 - Karma | 1hr 19mins

  • Connecting With The Seraphim | 58mins

  • Non Duality | Collapsing Chaos | 1hr 19mins

  • And many, many more...


Keith Hodge is an International Healer And The Founder Of Intuity

His passion is in enabling people to break through everything that is in the way of their full self-expression, and to support them in embodying their power and bringing their gifts to the world.

He specialises in root healing and in supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of creating a life that they love.

Through his 17 years of running two clinics and seeing 20 – 25 people a week, Keith’s focus has consistently been on what will make the biggest difference to his clients in the quickest way. This has led to the creation of the root healing system and the ground-breaking tools he now teaches to other hypnotherapists, coaches and healers so they too can support their clients in transforming at the deepest level.

His students learn the power of root healing, open/develop their ability to sense the energetic world, and facilitate profound root healing sessions.

He has facilitated training and retreats in countries around the world such as the United States, Europe, the UK, Indonesia and online.


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