The Practitioner Training

Let Us Show You How Deep The Rabbit Hole Goes…

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Foundation Course

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The Practitioner Training

Are You Ready To Transform Yourself At The Deepest Level ?

The Practitioner Training is a revolutionary opportunity to discover the depths of who you are. Enter into full self expression, choosing to live in alignment with your heart and purpose.

Transforming yourself at this level takes work and a deep commitment to break through all of the emotions, beliefs and stories that have limited your life up until now. Root emotional healing is challenging, it takes everything you have to heal patterns that have protected you for a lifetime.

At the Intuity Academy we are highly skilled in supporting you in accessing these places and facilitating breakthroughs so that you can create your life in an entirely new way.

Foundation Course

This module is for everyone and will provide you with remarkable skills for beginning to walk your true soul path.

  • The essentials for becoming a healer and powerfully navigating life

  • Open and develop your heart centre and four main senses

  • A training that leads to radical change

The Practitioner Training

A remarkable year-long training which will not only transform your life but will bring you a competency to work within a wide spectrum of healing tools and energies.

  • Understand the spectrum of energies from deep shadow to divine light

  • Inner child, emotional tracing, ancestral healing, past lives, psychic surgery and connecting with your guide teams

  • Awaken the healer inside you

“I would like to thank Keith with his hypnosis for me. I had a huge problem with my alcohol use. One session with Keith changed my whole attitude. I know that anything can happen anytime but without Keith’s help I wouldn’t be what I am now. Humble Thank You and keep up good work!”

Manu – Hypnotherapy

"A healing session with Keith Hodge is always a powerfully transformational experience! After having many individual sessions I previously wondered if a group one would be so effective. It doesn’t seem to make much difference as Keith’s consciousness continues to expand he makes it look very easy to hold space for the group while working intimately with each of us at the same time. In the last few sessions I have found, each time, that many layers of misunderstanding are shed and the work and integration continues for many days afterwards; always leaving me feeling lighter and with much more space inside.

He is a deeply compassionate and intuitive being with the highest integrity, who always speaks from the truth of his heart.

It always feels a great blessing to connect with him.

Thank you."

Leonie Dunlop, Orgiva, Spain

I was extremely fortunate, to be guided to Keith recently, where my healing journey began. Keith is both empathetic & compassionate, with a wonderful calming, & gentle energy. I felt instantly, that I could trust in his ability, to guide me through the multiple layers of trauma that existed within me, both past & present.

I knew before connecting with Keith, that I had major blockages, from many different areas. He was able to reassure me, & enable me to work with my deep routed issues, that I was carrying. His ability to tune into what was needed, to help release trauma & negativity within my mind, body & Soul, is incredible.

I love working with him & his magnificent guides, in our sessions. No one else has possessed the ability to help me with my pain & guilt, connected to my life's journey, until now, other than Keith. He is simply amazing. I feel truly blessed & grateful for his guidance.

Shanthi Premanada

Keith you showed up in the healing session in a way that held no space for my nonsense. It was a whole new realm for me and the impacts are massive. It has rocked my world, my reality, my relationships and the way I show up to the core. It is bringing me into a whole new realm of integrity, accountability, standing firm in my power and in that unwavering power that the heart guides me through. Thank you, I appreciate you and wanted you to know the potency of yesterday.

Sophia - Online Healing Session

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