The Ultimate Guide To Root Healing: Unlock The Secrets To Rapid Client Transformation


Keith Is An International Healer And The Founder Of Intuity International...

His passion is in enabling people to break through everything that is in the way of their full self-expression, and to support them in embodying their power and bringing their gifts to the world.

He specialises in root healing and in supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of creating a life that they love.

Through his 17 years of running two clinics and seeing 20 – 25 people a week, Keith’s focus has consistently been on what will make the biggest difference to his clients in the quickest way. This has led to the creation of the root healing system and the ground-breaking tools he now teaches to other hypnotherapists, coaches and healers so they too can support their clients in transforming at the deepest level. His students learn the power of root healing, open/develop their ability to sense the energetic world, and facilitate profound root healing sessions.

He has facilitated training and retreats in countries around the world such as the United States, Europe, the UK, Indonesia and online.

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