Bespoke Healing

Ready to take the leap and transform your life on all levels?

There is no quicker way to break through.

Keith has supported many people to transform their deepest emotional wounds.

With our Bespoke Healing programmes you will work with him through a personalised journey of self development and healing designed purely to break you through. Keith will do whatever it takes to create the perfect environment for you to move beyond the protections and defences in your unconscious, guiding you into what he describes as your root wounds.

Drawing on skills of psychic surgery, past life, ancestral and inner child healing with much love and compassion, we enter into a deep space of transformation that is both non-judgemental and accepting, enabling you to access the deepest parts of your shadow.

Intuity International personalised healing offer bespoke packages for those who are 100% committed to transforming their lives.
In order to heal, YOU have to CHOOSE IT. For this reason, there is an application process for all bespoke healing. All successful applicants will receive a complimentary in-depth consultation.

It takes commitment to achieve mastery

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I first came across Keith during a Facebook Live stream. Being a former Buddhist monk and an energy healer myself, I am very sensitive and specific about who I trust and allow into my field. I found the energy that Keith was holding to be very powerful and in the highest integrity. I contacted Keith directly and signed up to work 1-1 with him for 6 months. Keith’s individual sessions have been incredibly helpful, healing, and insightful. I have been able to receive invaluable impulses during our work together and have found a deep level of energetic support when I needed it the most. Keith is truly a first class healer and a world class energy worker. I would highly recommend sessions with him to anyone searching for spiritual, mental, emotional, or energetic assistance.

Seth Monk, California US

What I wanted to work on –
I have been wanting to change over from my current career over to having my own business with more of a spiritual basis. This was something I wanted to start working on with Keith. I found that there was a lot of healing I needed to do within myself, before all that happened.

After working with Keith –
I am definitely in a better place to continue on my path of spirituality which is leading to me building my business.

The reasons I loved working with Keith –
There was no set plan or structure, unusual for me as I tend to like structure. If a healing was required Keith did one on one healing sessions with me with powerful music that assisted having major emotional releases and shifts, then with other sessions we talked about the business part of my goals, the information was invaluable …. I feel better for having the bespoke healing sessions with Keith. The effects were deep, lasting, gentle and therefore I feel easy to incorporate into everyday life which is exactly what I needed.

Keith is incredibly intuitive and has this kind of knowing and a really easy manner to help you learn /and feel your way through working toward your goals both spiritually and practically. I don’t think our working together is over I plan to engage in more of what Keith has to offer. I would highly recommend. Liz

Liz Collins, Australia

Keith has a wonderfully kind and gentle energy. I felt instantly at ease with him. I had a few doubts about whether anything would shift for me but Keith kept the faith and towards the end of our sessions I had a deep core wound shift. He helped break through a strong block I didn’t know I had, and I experienced a deep healing of the wound of separation experienced at birth. He has supported me through a challenging time in my life and his work with his guides is exceptional. I didn’t want the journey to end so have booked the foundation training in May. I’m excited to see what that will bring.

Penny Rose, UK

I was extremely fortunate, to be guided to Keith recently, where my healing journey began. Keith is both empathetic & compassionate, with a wonderful calming, & gentle energy. I felt instantly, that I could trust in his ability, to guide me through the multiple layers of trauma that existed within me, both past & present.

I knew before connecting with Keith, that I had major blockages, from many different areas. He was able to reassure me, & enable me to work with my deep routed issues, that I was carrying. His ability to tune into what was needed, to help release trauma & negativity within my mind, body & Soul, is incredible.

I love working with him & his magnificent guides, in our sessions. No one else has possessed the ability to help me with my pain & guilt, connected to my life’s journey, until now, other than Keith. He is simply amazing. I feel truly blessed & grateful for his guidance.

Shanthi Premanada