The Practitioner Training

Let us show you how deep the rabbit hole goes…

Are you ready to transform yourself at the deepest level?

The Practitioner Training is a revolutionary opportunity to discover the depths of who you are. Enter into full self expression, choosing to live in alignment with your heart and purpose.

Transforming yourself at this level takes work and a deep commitment to break through all of the emotions, beliefs and stories that have limited your life up until now. Root emotional healing is challenging, it takes everything you have to heal patterns that have protected you for a lifetime.

At the Intuity Academy we are highly skilled in supporting you in accessing these places and facilitating breakthroughs so that you can create your life in an entirely new way.

Foundation Course

This module is for everyone and will provide you with remarkable skills for beginning to walk your true soul path.

  • The essentials for becoming a healer and powerfully navigating life
  • Open and develop your heart centre and four main senses
  • A training that leads to radical change

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Journey into Heart

The Practitioner Training

A remarkable year-long training which will not only transform your life but will bring you a competency to work within a wide spectrum of healing tools and energies.

  • Understand the spectrum of energies from deep shadow to divine light
  • Inner child, emotional tracing, ancestral healing, past lives, psychic surgery and connecting with your guide teams
  • Awaken the healer inside you

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Intuity was introduced to me about six months ago, at the peak of the darkest era of my life. An era where I was reluctant to wake up in the mornings. A time where I was overwhelmed by the heaviness of my past. It was as if there was an external force that bided me, that kept my vibration permanently low. I had tried many other forms of spiritual healing and deemed them all ineffective. I was becoming more bitter, and more reluctant to believe that permanent change was even possible. I needed a teacher before it was too late.

I enrolled myself into the Intuity practitioner course in Los Angeles. Keith spent three weeks guiding me into the unknown. I learned how to trace unconscious patterns to their root cause and heal the unhealed areas within me. I learned how to perceive external energies and remove them from my energy field. I learned how to restore karmic imbalance and I even learned how to tap into others and guide them to a place of light and clarity. With nothing but love, Keith encouraged me trust my myself and to finally step out of the shadow. To be the very best version of myself I could be. I have since learned how to use my heart as a guide to perceive the unperceivable. In that short period of time I experienced everything from unimaginable fear to unfathomable and unconditional love.

I now live in a place where I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. Before the course it was only ever a distant mirage. I have now experienced breakthroughs with I had only dreamt were possible. I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, and accept an apology I never received. I have learned how to live in my heart and It’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s an irreplaceable feeling of happiness to know at the core of my existence that I am now free.

Matt Portman, South Africa

“What an amazing journey the Intuity Practitioner Training – Module One has been.  It was 5 days of looking at and exploring in new ways my energy, my senses, my Guides and my heart space.

In my teens, I became aware of an internal storyline which would resurface on a regular basis throughout my life.  It felt terrifying and I never found the courage even to approach dealing with it.  I’m in my seventies now and I thought it was one of those mysteries that would remain a mystery.  This training was the first time I have ever trusted a process and a group of people with this inner story.  I felt safe that I would be supported and guided through the maze of uncomfortable feelings I needed to feel and verbalise in order to rid myself of the inner blocks.  My trust was because of Keith and his guides, who opened the pathways that allowed me to face my fears and re-establish trust in myself and my inner guidance.

It’s been a few days after the training and I am aware of a lightness in my body and my senses are definitely heightened and more focused.  I am also aware of a small quiet voice within that grabs my attention and has been very comforting.  I can’t wait to get back to my healing work and use this newfound energy for others.

Thank you, Keith and Guides for this incredible and beautiful practice born of the heart.  And many thanks to all the wonderful healers in this group who held space and  sharing themselves so vulnerably and powerfully.”


Karen Smith

“The Foundation Course was a transformational experience which has left me inspired and empowered. I completed another form of training with Keith and this new work encapsulates all of the juices of the previous training in a simple, consolidated, yet effective five day experience where everything is tailored to the participants and what they require in each moment. Full of memorable techniques, guided healings and heartfelt sharing. I will remember this experience with great fondness. I am also grateful for Keith incredible space holding and for the people I shared this incredible journey with.” 

Samantha Parker, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“A beautiful journey that was most needed at this time in my life to find my heart, my true heart. Learning to live from my heart has changed my world. Keith facilitated the practitioner training in an amazing way. Fully supporting every single person in the group. This ripples of love that I now have love spreading far and widen my life. Relationships that I once found challenging are now being healed. I felt held back in my life for so long now I feel free, true freedom to move on in my life. Discovering and creating what I have always wanted for myself. The truth and love within me can be spread far and wide now. Thank you so much to all involved on this course and sharing my journey. Lots of love, light and peace to Keith for supporting me on my path.” 

Holly Butcher, Brighton, UK

“The Intuity practitioner training experience is unlike anything I’ve ever come across. When I first arrived on day one I could never have imagined how much I would transform. This has been an incredible journey of personal growth and development, but also one where I now get to share what I’ve learned and my own personal gifts with the world.” 

Samantha Parker, Brighton, United Kingdom

“I experience Keith as a vast portal of loving universal energy. He is kind, gentle, emphatic, nonjudgmental, solidly capable, professional, and profoundly insightful. He knows where he stands, and respects where I stand.  In the company of his guides, he has been able to successfully face every situation that has arisen in our sessions.  When the client is willing and able, the outcome is good!

My work with him began through one of his free Intuity Bliss journeys, on January 12, 2021.  That’s a story!  Working with him has helped me move ahead more smoothly in my life.  Past limits have truly dissolved.  No more OCD!  Being in Keith’s sphere has increased my self-healing ability significantly.

I’ve now completed his Bespoke program (a three-month series of one on one sessions), and have participated in his level one Foundation training (with eleven other students).  My skills as a guide and healing facilitator are deeper.

Keith is an excellent guide, healer, and mentor.  I really appreciate how well he and his spirit guides support and guide the energy of the whole group.  His process is clean, thorough, and open.  I feel very safe with his facilitation.”

Seamas Manly

“A beautiful journey of transformation learning to live through heart and stand in my truth has changed my life.” 

David Bourne, Brighton, United Kingdom

“I thoroughly enjoyed The foundation course with Keith. The simplicity of residing in the centre of my being and discerning what is in my unique truth in any given part of life has been a wonderful reminder of my true power, potential and wholeness.

I have explored my deeper senses in a totally new ways and had the opportunity to connect with others as well as myself in a refreshingly authentic, raw and real ways.

I have also been able to clarify difficult life situations/decisions whilst on this course and have a whole new barometer for coming back to truth and my always available inner guidance.” 

Abi Flynn, Brighton, United Kingdom

“The Foundation Course program has helped me level up and connect with my senses and the universe on a much deeper scale. Once again, Keith and his guides have guided me towards living from the heart and experiencing everything from a much higher vibrational standpoint. I have learned so much from this course and in a very short period of time. I am more confident and capable of discerning situations using my senses and trusting my higher self.

I am also very grateful for the opportunity to witness amazing and powerful healings from my classmates, watching Keith operate and the impact he has and still has on all of us is truly eye-opening. His kindness, love, compassion, empathy, sympathy, wisdom and experience make him an outstanding guide and facilitator. We were all put on this path for a higher reason and I am so fortunate to have crossed paths with Keith and every single beautiful soul that shared this Foundation course with. Great things await us all!  My deepest gratitude to Keith and his guides, you are a truly powerful team! “


“The experience I have while on the course was one of great beauty. The space that was created between this exceptional group of human beings was one that I won’t forget. Keith is an incredible healer & leader and it was a real pleasure to watch them him and to experience his unique style of healing first hand; wow! The love he has for people is just stunning, he is a shinning examples how to live from truth and walk the walk. I leave today with an incredibly warm heart and having had a truly transformational experience.” 

Bradley Wescott, Brighton, United Kingdom

I’ve experienced the most powerful personal transformation during Intuity Academy’s training. I feel empowered to be the full expression of who I am, stand and own my person power, as opposed to hiding as I did before. Not only has this training hugely impacted my life for the better, it has also changed the lives of my case studies, with whom I was grateful to work with and witness their transformation. This is a gift which ripples out positivity in the world. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. Keith is amazing at supporting, guiding and facilitating the transformations, everything is done with love. Thank you.” 

Jane Owens, Brighton, United Kingdom

“What I felt before my Intuity practitioner training – worthlessness, shame, sadness, bitten, resentment, sorrow, hate and much hurt. What I feel now, after my Intuity practitioner training – love, worthiness, joy, happiness, aliveness and  integrity. I could have early carried on in life feeling pain but I sensed there was more. Keith and my colleagues showed me there is another way. Love always, Nigel.” 

Nigel Bowcock, Brighton, United Kingdom

“I felt a calling to go on a path to heart before I knew what that meant and shortly afterwards came across Intuity Academy. Being on the practitioner training with Keith and my fellow course mates has been a life-changing, phenomenal experience into the depths of authenticity and truth. Layer by layer, I have had the opportunity to shed limiting belief systems and reveal more of my true self at the heart of my being. Being in touch with this innate knowing allows a space where ANYTHING is possible and miracles truly can happen. My miracle did happen, and continues to happen as I take this path of heart. I began this course with aggressive cancer and a LOT of repressed trauma, and leave it cancer free and with an expansive, open heart that is ready to soar and continue creating miracles and spreading love. Thank you!” 

Abi Flynn, Brighton, United Kingdom

“The foundation course, has made me see things with such great clarity. Not only are Keith and Kyla amazing space holders, they also bring a warmth and personality. If you are considering joining the foundation course, I would say expect a whirlwind of a great time, and major breakthroughs in your spiritual and mental wellbeing. This course has helped me communicate and build intimate relationships, which I thought was impossible. This is all thanks to Keith and the amazing course, humour and the safe space provided. I will never be the same again.” 

Edward Vaughan, London, United Kingdom

“A Journey Into Heart was more than I had hoped for. Keith brings such tender nurturing guidance through the healing of deep wounds and trauma. I felt so support in this journey in an unexpected lightening of being. I am truly grateful and honoured to be a part of this unique experience that has transformed the way I will move forward through life. I am excited about the future and the prospect of joining them again for the practitioner training module two.” 

Juliet Hennin, Brighton, UK

Truth.  Teamwork.  Transformation.

I feel a huge sense of relief at having found something that so obviously makes my life more enjoyable.  Intuity has given me the tools and the support to examine my negative thinking and behaviour patterns, dismantle them and make different choices.
After one week with Intuity, I was in awe at what energy healing could achieve.  After one month, alcohol no longer had any power over me.  After six weeks my therapist of ten years told me it was like she was talking to a different person.  I highly recommend Intuity if you want to improve your life.
For me, the Intuity Energy healing retreat has introduced me to incredible levels of honesty, care and support.  Within this environment, healing and self-development was inevitable.  I’ve grown up this week, processed unresolved trauma and gained a large group of friends.  I can’t recommend it highly enough! – Alexandra
Alexandra Jose, London UK

“The work I have done during The foundation course has enabled me to discover and heal parts of myself that I never even knew existed, where that will take me I have no idea; but I cannot wait to find out! I have reconnected back to my heart and senses I lost connection to and I look forward to exploring life in new ways that were not possible before.” 

Matt Farr, London UK

“In module 1 journey with Keith I learned exactly what living through heart means and more importantly to discern when I am in heart and when I am in mind.  I experienced several emotional realisations and had several spiritual breakthroughs. The biggest being how to live with the different levels of energy and translate them. I now have more confidence and trust in my spiritual guidance and I am soooo ready to dive deeper and learn how to use it to help others. I am also really grateful for the amazing people I met. I felt a deep bond and connection with all of them.“

Charlotte Chalkley

Donna Joy Usher

“Keith created a safe space to work with us all very deeply. It was an honour to witness another’s healing experience. Keith helped us to learn how to sense to get to the root of an issue. It was profound to see the transformation in people during a healing session. During my own past life healing, I felt energy reenter my body.

The course was well-paced and the sharing in the group was inspiring. We had time to practice our sensing in smaller groups and in pairs. I am committed to practising what I have learnt so far and I am excited to be continuing onto level 2 with a wonderful group of people, Keith and his team of guides.

Keith brings years of experience, deep commitment, a compassionate heart and a sense of humour to this unique training.”

Penny Rose

“A beautiful opportunity to give yourself the luxury to expand and grow. You will make the ultimate commitment and investment in yourself and therefore to those around you a byproduct. You will learn so much about yourself and other people.”  

Zoe Biles, Brighton United Kingdom

“This has been one of the most profound courses I have ever taken. It connected me to my unreachable part and touched the deepest part of me that I was not able to reach. Moreover, the connections and the support of the group have been immeasurable. Such a beautiful experience and space!

I learned something or better to say I remembered something that I had forgotten almost all my life, to connect with my heart, to my true essence, and to know my value. I was acknowledged, supported, and welcomed.

Keith’s teaching is truly authentic and comes from his heart, his Being. This course beautifully transforms your life and takes your hand and leads you to more possibilities that are waiting for you if you allow it and if you choose it.

It empowered me and allowed me to reach my power. Within those few days, I was able to open the senses that I had never accessed and name the emotions in my body. It helped me to release what was not mine so I could embody more of me, my Being; to lead my life through my heart. Now I feel I can trust myself!

As I am writing now, I feel the joy in my heart that I am connected to it and KNOW that I am connected to it, which brings a smile to my face and more joy to my heart. And that is just the beginning. Now I know that I am an infinite being and limitless. I can’t wait to explore more possibilities and can’t wait to do even deeper work in Module 2.”

Parisa Fardad

“An organic experience from start to end, that perfectly encompasses the practicalities, tools and methodology needed to journey into heart. In the space created by Keith we were able to journey into the depths, spaces and expansiveness beyond what is imaginable, all while being securely held and given the freedom to express anything, in anyway, without judgement, in order to discover who we truly were.” 

Amy (was small now huge!) Coppard-Harkins, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“Wow, what an incredible journey!  To live from the heart is so empowering and being here has given me a deeper understanding of being in the presence.  There is no hiding from your emotions in this course, it will come to the surface and I can honestly say it’s the most incredible feeling.  Being free from all this pain that I had desperately tried to bury so deeply.  Thank you Keith for holding this space and allowing me to expand so freely.  I am grateful to everyone for sharing this journey with me.  Much love xx”


Bina Carlyle

“The Foundations course with Keith has brought me to a more heart-centred and grounded place.

These five days have felt freeing, removing the layers of emotion that ‘felt’ like me, but really were not me at all. I learned to ease up on myself, get out of my head and truly settle into who I AM by listening to the guidance of my heart. To be more patient, more accepting, more confident and to ground into my power in the here and now.

I broke through layers of limiting beliefs that were rooted in past lives which has healed emotions holding me back in this lifetime. I feel the strength of universal intelligence coming through MY powerful heart. MY inner guidance always has been filled with qualities of love, trust, compassion, gratitude and pure and gentle peace, but now, I allow it fully to guide me… I have a deep sense of having returned home.

Growth in leaps and bounds occurs in this course. I experienced unconditional acceptance, massive sharing and love in this group of healers/practitioners that I worked with and I am very excited to join you all in Module 2.

I knew but now believe fully that I AM love, I AM a channel and I listen to the guidance of my heart to discern my truths.

Thank you, Keith”

Angela Gagne

“The Foundation Course has been the most amazing and liberating experience in my life so far. I have been looking for tools for such a long time to help heal myself, as well as waning and needing to be the best me I could ever be for myself and others in my life. I never expected to learn so much about myself, including a lot of things I never even knew existed within me. It is an unbelievable and absolutely amazing how much love and support I felt while being on this journey with such beautiful souls. I am 44 years old and throughout my life I have had people love me, but I have never felt so much love, support and respect that I have experienced on this course. I feel my life has just begun and I cannot thank Keith enough.” 

Gini Mulls, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“Intuity has helped me to surrender on this journey – release layers of emotion, shadow part of myself that were ready to release layer upon layer, upon layer. I have more clarity and insight of my role in this world. I have have returned home to my truth. I feel more balanced, whole and excited. I know something amazing is coming but I feel happy and patient, I know it will reveal itself when all is well and ready. Thank you.” 

Angela Porter, Brighton, United Kingdom

I have worked in the public and voluntary sectors with disadvantaged / marginalised people for most of my adult life. I have a lot of interpersonal skills and am highly qualified in what I do, but I also have had a feeling most of my life that there is something deeper I needed to do in this life on a spiritual level.

I was guided to work with Keith via a friend/ mentor and gifted healer. I needed to shift my energy and to ‘step up’ to what I felt the spirit was asking of me. In addition, during a session with another highly gifted and respected clairvoyant, I was told my soul path should I choose it was to heal a great many people, something that would be needed increasingly in the rapidly changing world environment.

I have just finished the foundation practice course and have been working with Keith also in the bespoke programme. During module 1 Keith has taken us individually and collectively on soul journeys and led us through exercises to explore and expand our senses/ abilities, accompanied by his guides and an exquisite palette of accompanying healing music.

I had a ‘breakthrough’ early on in the first weekend whereby my soul went on a deep dive into other realms and during which a spirit guide came into my being. I cried tears of joy for what seemed forever, and I remain feeling deeply healed and elevated by the experience.

Keith has been gentle but challenging and holds boundaries expertly keeping the group a safe place to share, open and experiment using our senses. Group members have bonded on a deep spiritual level with deep love and respect each person bringing their own unique presence, and gifts whether. Some of us clearly have a lot of experience in this field of work. Some have all their senses open – others less so, but throughout the two weekends the underpinning ethos was the respect and love for each other for ‘showing up’ and being prepared to dive in.

I am now much more confident in this area of work and have found that the senses I thought in my mind were open actually need working on and are not as open as I had anticipated. The complete surprise for me is that I have senses open that I hadn’t realized and I have seen massive transformation in all participants which in itself has fed all of us as we have witnessed and supported each other through sometimes challenging but highly rewarding work.

I have committed to module 2 and am very excited about this, it’s a little bit scary at times when my mind comes in but my heart knows this is part of my path. I feel a deep trust in Keith and have a new family / Tribe who know me at such a deep level and whom I know are fellow travellers down this path. I no longer feel spiritually alone. I have been validated and I feel deeply blessed.

Thanks Keith and thanks to everyone who took part in this module 1 over 2 weekends which I will never forget.


Tony Yates

“When I came to Keith I was experiencing blocks in my heart and was aware how I was operating mostly from my mind. The course was intuitive and easy to follow we received guidance and healing throughout the course. Even with the blocks in my heart, I was able to feel and connect with my heart again and start trusting in my other senses.

The healing session within the course were powerful and the support of the group throughout the journey created a safe container for healing and learning of the energy work practice that Keith teaches.

What I like about the program is that is grounded with a 5d approach and Keith explained how some energy teaching is outdated and provided clear guidance as to how these can limit our approach to energy work.

Keith carried out a powerful past life healing on me and a soul recovery which I am eternally grateful for.

Keith is a powerful teacher who has powerful guides working with him to deliver a very powerful course in living from the heart.”

Love Gary


“To hear your heart and know its message is a gift.”

Karen, Surrey, United Kingdom