Transformation At The Deepest Level

Transformation At The Deepest Level

Transformation At The Deepest Level

Transformation At The Deepest Level

Transformation At The Deepest Level

Whatever has called you here, Welcome

Let Us Awaken Your Heart And Enrich Your Life

Ready to dive deeper than you can possibly imagine and looking for facilitators that can support you in the next level of your personal journey? We have been guiding deep, transformational experiences across Europe, North America, Indonesia and Central America since 2006.

Join us for Intuity’s introductory workshops, advanced training, bespoke programmes and soulful retreats.

Are You Ready To Live A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams?

Living through the heart may be the hardest thing you ever do, but it will be the most worthwhile journey you ever make. It’s accessible to everyone, but not everyone will choose it. It takes courage to follow the calling within your heart and to trust the tender guidance beating from within. It takes a willingness to act in alignment with what you know to be undeniably true.

Living through the heart is the life of a warrior committed to truth, to love, to living a life far beyond the limitations of the mind. It is a path that few will wholeheartedly choose, for it is a path of pure presence, a journey into the unknown, of faith in one’s own ability to be lead by the guidance within. For so long we have been convinced by teachers, authorities and gurus to follow the truth within books, within them and within scriptures. But it is time to journey within.Everything you need can be found within you. Right now. Right here. Within you.

You are the architect of your life, it is time to invest in yourself! We are not going to tell you that it is going to be easy, but it will be the most worthwhile thing that you will Ever do.

Practitioner Training

At the centre of Intuity, you’ll find The Practitioner Training, which will revolutionise your life as you discover you are at the source of it all. It begins with the Foundation Course, five days of exploration, discovery and transformation. This sets the foundations for the advanced trainings; The Practitioner Training and Mentoring.

Bespoke Programmes

Keith specialises in root healing work, supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of both creating a life that they love and in bringing through their own gifts to the world.

If you are interested in working with me, I offer a free initial consultation to discover what you intend to break through and how I can support you.

Available online and in Ibiza


Yearning for a break that rejuvenates the body, mind, heart and soul? Join us for a deeply nourishing and self-loving experience. Our retreats are soulful and restorative, dynamic and transformative.

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If you’re ready to take your life to the next level

What drew you to be part of the foundation course?

I was drawn to the course as I’ve known Keith and his work in the world for several years and felt the desire to live more from the heart and develop my senses.

What has your experience of the training been?

This is a lived experience, not a training course.  It’s about the being and embodiment, not note-taking, I made zero notes - which is not my usual way of being!!  It’s like you are being held in a womb of safety and love.  Everyone really held space for each other and I had the biggest memories from the past come forward that I had pushed back.

What has been your biggest transformation/breakthrough?

I came to the course not identifying myself as a healer, and leave it with curiosity that perhaps I am!  I was aware of my Knowing Sense, however, I had a shocking discovery of a time when I was 18 when I had a very strong knowing that resulted in hurt and pain, which led me to not take this sense seriously and had become something I made light of.  During the course, I was surprised at how my senses were developing and attuning to the truth.  Excited that this is just the beginning and looking forward to what unfolds in module 2, the practitioner training.

Would recommend this course to others?

I would highly recommend this course to others.  It’s always the time to reconnect with your heart.

What would you give this out of 10?


Rachel Gregory - Foundation Course

Keith, you have shown me a version of masculinity that I never imagined was possible, and it fills me with hope for men in the world. Thank you for being you!


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