About Intuity

I am an international healer and the founder of Intuity

My passion is in enabling people to break through everything that is in the way of their full self expression. To support them in embodying their power and bringing their gifts to the world.

I am the healer’s healer. Many of my clients have already worked on themselves for many years, are walking their path as a healer and looking to expand themselves and their skills to the next level.

I specialise in root healing work, supporting people in healing the deepest layers that are in the way of both creating a life that they love and in bringing through their own gifts to the world. My work includes inner child, emotions, past lifetimes, ancestral healing, psychic surgery. A powerful team of guides support me with the healing. I have facilitated practitioner training and retreats in countries around the world such as Bali, Los Angeles, Eastern Europe, Ibiza and the UK.

I run a free fortnightly online healing journey called Intuity Bliss where I DJ a live ambient music set whilst guiding you deeply into yourself.

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Wow that was really incredible!!! My partner said she had some really major releases and went on a full on shamanic journey with it.


“It was my first time and it was actually last minute. It was absolutely beautiful, wonderful, amazing, eye-opening. I have been spiritual for, you know, many years now and this is a new outlet, a far better one. It was eye-opening, the things that I saw – I mean, you can’t even get that through drugs. The energy of the people that we had around us, we were all connected, all one, all loving each other, all embracing each other. How much better can you get? It was like we were all one, and we were able to do that together. I’d just – I’d love to continue to go to your workshops and whatever else you may end up doing.  Everybody that attended had beautiful souls. There’s nobody I felt threatened by or that I felt that I couldn’t open up to. The looking in the eyes exercise was spot on, it was wonderful, I love looking into people’s souls and being able to feel that. It was just one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.”

Woody, California, United States

Amazing and life changing! 

Charlotte is a very talented hypnotherapist that really knows how to work with the subconscious mind. The effects that her hypnotherapy had on my mind and life were very surprising and profound.. not only did we work on healing trauma’s from this lifetime, we also did a alot of healing of my past lifes, she made me realize that alot of feelings I am experiencing today are connected to my past life’s.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me dig into my past life’s and release trauma’s.

I can highly recommend her for the unique ways of working with the subconscious mind.


I feel so relaxed, forgiving myself and letting it all go. I trust Sam so much in that I can show my vulnerabilities and just be me. Sam has a gentle loving energy which I love to be around. Thank you

Rebecca Ashby, Brighton, UK

I had been searching for a healing modalities to work on some very core family wounds and deep insecurities. I initially was intrigued of the work she had done after healing her experience.

During the session I felt safe, secure and held very gently, even though we were discussing challenging topics they were welcome and explored very calmly and effectively. I felt comfortable to be able to show emotion (which is hard for me) and able to tackle the issues right to core. Though I don’t fully understand how it work it doesn’t matter as I now feel wonderful. I have managed to heal core addictions and emotional issues I had prior to my work with her. This has now made me want to shout this work from the roof tops.

Highly recommend this healing for anything you need to shift to become the best version of yourself.

Lexi, UK

Wow! What a fantastic session. I’d been feeling tired, down and disassociated for a long time, as well as having panic attacks. I’d been wondering how can I get out of this state of misery and into more joy and freedom? Well, during my session with Sam I saw very clearly the answer, and all from simply connecting with myself. Very powerful and inspiring, I’m lit up just by knowing what I need to do next! Would highly recommend, especially for anyone feeling as though they’re in a rut right now and unsure of how to move forward. Well worth the investment.

George, Brighton, UK

“I have a voice and I am not afraid to use it!” 

Louise Blackmore, Surrey, United Kingdom

“Wow the ancestral healing workshop was so INCREDIBLE. It was 100 times stronger than Ayuasca! I healed wounds from ancestors many generations back.” 

Sophia Argabright, Burning Man, United States

The Violet Fire workshop last night was so deep and powerful. My body is unlocking and I can breathe with so much more ease.

Lisa Thomas, London, United Kingdom

I feel amazing after this experience. It was really relaxing and allowed me to reflect on my internal thoughts and feelings, clear away negative and unwanted aspects and create space for more positivity.

Danielle Howden, London, UK

“That was AMAZING! I am so grateful to you for the healing. Thank you thank you thank you! I released a lot of fear and all the attachments. I feel like/ had a picture that I regrew my right arm from “dead wood” to green wood.” 

Margaret Nardecchia, Texas, United States

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect today but when Tian made me relaxed and comfortable
regressing back to my childhood and my parents passing away, there was a lot of sadness and
guilty feelings and anger at them being taken away. But after the guidance from Tian I let go of the
guilt feelings and she asked me to allow myself to be happy and then after tears, I felt elevated and
lifted. I ran through fields of corn laughing and free, then I was a child again running happy and on
a swing. Then I was rocketed high into the sky with such force and energy. It was an amazing
feeling. Thank you so much Tian, I feel relaxed, calm and free.

Sharon Morgan
I had my first healing session with Tian last weekend, I felt comfortable and was able to sink deeply into the darkest parts that needed emotional attention. Tian guided me back to my childhood, a place I had felt very vulnerable. With Tian’s guidance I was able to offer my inner child the love and comfort that was required, drawing her into my heart where she is now well protected. I have felt a huge shift in my emotional development since having this enlightenment, I felt a weight lifted as I was able to learn and understand that all I needed was an open safe space to allow love and healing.
Thank you Tian,  I would highly recommend.
Hayley Crosby, Kent

“The foundation course, has made me see things with such great clarity. Not only are Keith and Kyla amazing space holders, they also bring a warmth and personality. If you are considering joining the foundation course, I would say expect a whirlwind of a great time, and major breakthroughs in your spiritual and mental wellbeing. This course has helped me communicate and build intimate relationships, which I thought was impossible. This is all thanks to Keith and the amazing course, humour and the safe space provided. I will never be the same again.” 

Edward Vaughan, London, United Kingdom

A session with Keith is incredibly powerful. He took me on a journey to parts of myself that I have been guarding strongly. Keith managed to get me through deep blocks and access memories that I thought were gone for good. And once we did, I felt an instant shift. It was like years of therapy compressed into a single session. I’m so grateful for the work that he does!

Maya – New York

“Recently I attended an Intuity event with Keith. During the event I had strong fear based sensations in my throat and solar plexus along with thoughts of my Mom’s Japanese side of the family where a lot of resentment, sadness and anger resided. It came as a surprise to me as I hadn’t thought about any of it for a long while. The emotional tracing techniques allowed me to permanently redirect the energy into a positive place. I highly recommend working with Intuity as their techniques are rare and extremely effective.” 

Austin McDonald, California, United States

“An organic experience from start to end, that perfectly encompasses the practicalities, tools and methodology needed to journey into heart. In the space created by Keith we were able to journey into the depths, spaces and expansiveness beyond what is imaginable, all while being securely held and given the freedom to express anything, in anyway, without judgement, in order to discover who we truly were.” 

Amy (was small now huge!) Coppard-Harkins, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“Keith you were so powerful in the healing session, in a way that held no space for my nonsense. It was a whole new realm for me and the impacts are massive. It has rocked my world, my reality, my relationships and the way I show up to the core. It is bringing me into a whole new realm of integrity, accountability, standing firm in my unwavering power that the heart guides me through. Thank you, I appreciate you and wanted you to know the potency of yesterday.” 

Sophia Argabright, California, United States

Finding my higher self has sometimes felt like a very isolating and confusing experience, especially when those closest to me don’t seem to understand the new spiritual me. Showing me how to let go of fear and trust my intuition has been transformational indeed!  So much gratitude and love for your patient, gentle guidance and positive vibes on my path of healing all of me; both old and new.


Intuity courses have changed my life. With years on the personal transformational path and alternative routes in this time Intuity provided an offering of more lifetime shifts than my dreams could have imagined!

The Birthing into self retreat stripped away so many beliefs held since a young child enabling a permanent release of these limiting patterns, beliefs, mind chatter which was sheer liberation. Plugging into the knowledge of where such beliefs and patterning originated from then be able to free myself to discover who I am in my full authentic expression in a safe. Loving, supported environment.  Love, joy, freedom, liberation, deep friendships are just some of the things you can expect from an Intuity course.
With deep gratitude and thanks to Keith – Emma
Emma Attrell, Brighton UK

One of the biggest take always from my healing sessions with Penny and her Guides was the sense of relief in my body. The work would always uncover incredible depths but I was never left feeling, “what do I do with this?” Penny creates a very intentional space and when she calls in her guides, I always felt a very palpable presence. That feeling would often stay with me after the sessions ended. I could feel I was being cared for. I highly recommend Penny and her Guides especially if you would like insight into the mysteries you hold and the connection to your trauma and the deeper healing you seek.


Wow Keith just listened to the Intuity Bliss shadow session. Wow what a ride you took me on! Very very powerful experience!!! Thank you beautiful soul I will definitely listen to it again! ❤️

Petra Zaneva, UK

“The Foundation Course has been the most amazing and liberating experience in my life so far. I have been looking for tools for such a long time to help heal myself, as well as waning and needing to be the best me I could ever be for myself and others in my life. I never expected to learn so much about myself, including a lot of things I never even knew existed within me. It is an unbelievable and absolutely amazing how much love and support I felt while being on this journey with such beautiful souls. I am 44 years old and throughout my life I have had people love me, but I have never felt so much love, support and respect that I have experienced on this course. I feel my life has just begun and I cannot thank Keith enough.” 

Gini Mulls, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Sam gave me a healing session in November 2018 and I found it a most powerful experience.

She had made a lovely space for us to meet and I instantly felt at ease.  We talked for a while as she asked me questions about what I was hoping to achieve out of the session, then I lay on the sofa while she talked me through the healing process.  I found myself very relaxed and accepting whilst still fully aware of my surroundings.  I can’t really describe what happened as it was mostly about thoughts and feelings but I felt that something deeply powerful was shifting inside me.

Since the session, I have had many people from different areas of my life tell me how fantastically well I look and the word most of them have used is ‘shining’.  I also feel like some old, very familiar, and not helpful patterns have been cleared out and I am happier and more relaxed and positive about how my life will unfold from here.  Thank you Sam.

Sarah Lundie, Brighton, UK

“My experience was pure bliss and creating it for myself and being able to find it inside of myself. Really cool. To be able to find the levels that I haven’t been able to reach before. It’s just like overwhelming amounts of bliss and happiness and love and infinity and oneness. Really incredible.”

Ethan Roberts, California, United States

Thank you for your beautiful healing. I felt held and incredibly supported as soon as the session began. You generously gave me the space to explore my feelings and express myself helping me understand where I hoped to be healed. You instantly tuned into where was necessary to heal and what happened for the next 45 minutes was magical, heart opening, releasing and so very comforting to my soul. I needed the healing with you more than I knew. You cropped up in my life at the perfect time. I have had many healing in my time, but something very big shifted with you. I thank you for your gift and love. I thank you for the held nurturing space you created for me. Thank you Tian!

Sophia Milburn, Wiltshire

The way Sam held my healing was phenomenal. I came in with perhaps the biggest shift of my life ready to move. It was like life aligned to bring Sam and I (and Keith) together at that moment. Sam’s ability to allow what wanted to happen rather than control any outcome was amazing and allowed me to release dark layers of trauma I haven’t been able to access myself, all the while feeling totally safe and loved in the process. It felt like realities shifted and I completely let go of a lifetime of misinterpreted trauma/shame/dogma/guilt. Sam addressed a blockage in my womb/ovary and I literally felt a twitch and lift (psychic surgery). Sam used her voice towards the end and it was beautiful and powerful; she sang to me and with me. It was perfect.

Abi, Brighton, UK

“I have been attending the group sessions after previously completing intuity academy’s  training. My journey is in full swing now, so the top up sessions have been economical and extremely helpful. Not only can you gain insight from your own experiences but due to the connections with others in the group, there is always more aspects that arise. Keith gently assists you in getting to the root of the issue and more. Before this evenings group session I was shaking and sobbing from being triggered throughout the day. Within the hour I was calm and tranquil after receiving energy healing that penetrated through my mind, every cell in my body and my soul” 

Lisa, Sussex, United Kingdom

Charlotte is a very professional and compassionate therapist. I felt immediately understood and safe with her. Our sessions helped me to release some inner child wounding and emotions that were stuck in my body for a long time. She could even access memories from past lives which I found very impressive. I really recommend her work to anyone who wants to heal deep psychological wounds.


We’ve just completed an incredible retreat in the stunning snowy hills of Slovenia called ‘Birthing into Self’. The week delivered just that. It’s been a phenomenal experience.

I understand myself on a level I never thought was possible. The pains, fears and learned behaviour that we inherit from our ancestral lines create patterns of how we live, love and perceive ourselves. With Keith’s expert guidance, we discerned, faced and helped heal these patterns, breaking us free from the constraints of generational control, trauma and disempowerment.

It’s been an extraordinary journey of self-discovery finding who lies beneath these layers we have defined ourselves by.

We have the power to choose, love and accept ourselves, freeing ourselves from the constraints we have placed upon ourselves, thus allowing us to live in presence, knowing and freedom. How incredibly  empowering – Jess

Jessica Cook, London UK

There was a kaleidoscope of colours throughout the experience and with its transition – emotions evolved in and out of each other. Anger, sadness, shyness, anxiety – all in relation to various people, experiences and times of my life. At points it was overwhelming and at other times I was trying to hide or avoid the emotions. I am left feeling almost like a blank canvas. I imagine more will emerge over the coming days. And I think I will pay more attention to the relation of colour and emotion and their significance for me.

Michelle Proksell, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was the second healing session I had had with Sam and was just as powerful as the first.

I had gone with two specific things to work on – a physical pain and a feeling of being emotionally drained by recent events. Sam put me at my ease and very quickly helped me tune in to what was going on for me.

Sam’s focus made it very easy for me to identify a past traumatic event that seemed to be causing me the physical pain and she then helped me work through it to a point of release and resolution. Since then I have not had the pain at all and that is glorious!

I left feeling restored, refreshed and lighter, as if something had been washed away. My second healing session showed me the first was not just a fluke – I find Sam to be a powerful and clear channel for healing. Thank you Sam.

Sarah Lundie, Brighton, UK

I have done a bunch of sessions with Charlotte by now that helped me in many ways. She is a very experienced Therapist and will give you 100% of her attention and power. I was especially impressed by the ancestral healing sessions we did. If you are looking (maybe by now desperately) for solutions of emotional patterns that actually have their root far back in time, without you knowing about it you will keep walking in the dark and repeat. Charlotte and her spirit guides can help you bringing it to light.


Intuity was introduced to me about six months ago, at the peak of the darkest era of my life. An era where I was reluctant to wake up in the mornings. A time where I was overwhelmed by the heaviness of my past. It was as if there was an external force that bided me, that kept my vibration permanently low. I had tried many other forms of spiritual healing and deemed them all ineffective. I was becoming more bitter, and more reluctant to believe that permanent change was even possible. I needed a teacher before it was too late.

I enrolled myself into the Intuity practitioner course in Los Angeles. Keith spent three weeks guiding me into the unknown. I learned how to trace unconscious patterns to their root cause and heal the unhealed areas within me. I learned how to perceive external energies and remove them from my energy field. I learned how to restore karmic imbalance and I even learned how to tap into others and guide them to a place of light and clarity. With nothing but love, Keith encouraged me trust my myself and to finally step out of the shadow. To be the very best version of myself I could be. I have since learned how to use my heart as a guide to perceive the unperceivable. In that short period of time I experienced everything from unimaginable fear to unfathomable and unconditional love.

I now live in a place where I wake up with a smile on my face every morning. Before the course it was only ever a distant mirage. I have now experienced breakthroughs with I had only dreamt were possible. I never knew how strong I was until I had to forgive someone who wasn’t sorry, and accept an apology I never received. I have learned how to live in my heart and It’s something I wouldn’t trade for the world. It’s an irreplaceable feeling of happiness to know at the core of my existence that I am now free.

Matt Portman, South Africa

“A healing session with Keith Hodge is always a powerfully transformational experience! After having many individual sessions I previously wondered if a group one would be so effective. It doesn’t seem to make much difference as Keith’s consciousness continues to expand he makes it look very easy to hold space for the group while working intimately with each of us at the same time. In the last few sessions I have found, each time, that many layers of misunderstanding are shed and the work and integration continues for many days afterwards; always leaving me feeling lighter and with much more space inside.

He is a deeply compassionate and intuitive being with the highest integrity, who always speaks from the truth of his heart.

It always feels a great blessing to connect with him.

Thank you.”

Leonie Dunlop, Orgiva, Spain

“To hear your heart and know its message is a gift.”

Karen, Surrey, United Kingdom

“A beautiful journey of transformation learning to live through heart and stand in my truth has changed my life.” 

David Bourne, Brighton, United Kingdom

I have done my first ever session with Sam and cannot recommend this beautiful intuitive healing therapy enough. There are no words to describe the incredible release of fears and stress, by feeling completely safe to reconnect to very personal moments of one’s life. It has been one of the most beautiful experiences. Sam was so kind and gentle, I felt I could let go and be truly authentic in her presence and safe to be vulnerable in order to look inwards and listen.

Miska, Brighton, UK

Working with Keith is always really reassuring as you know that you are in safe hands. What I love about these weekends is that they are totally flexible and are not contained by your intention. But rather all healing springs from your intention. And this I think is due to Keith’s impressive gift for intuitive healing. My intention before the weekend was to discover my power and embody wildness within me, however this swiftly became an initiation into becoming a man which I had no idea was coming up for me! I think that these weekends are really organic so whatever you are intending to heal and is coming up for you to heal will come. For me the weekend was critical to my journey as I needed this weekend as an initiation into becoming a man so that I could really own some deep protective patterns that I choose to run. And sure enough after the weekend I had a session with Keith and everything that I had been working towards breaking through, had broke through and suddenly all my relationships, particularly the one with my Dad had transformed; I was no longer a boy but a man. I would recommend this weekend to anyone that’s prepared to dive into their darkest shadow and transform their lives. For me it’s been really worth it.

Edward Vaughan, UK

My session with you Tian was really powerful. I didn’t know I had so much fear and pain inside. I feel a lot has been released, so thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! Sending you so much love and blessings

Simona, US

My healing with Tian absolutely blew me away. The space she created was beautiful – I felt completely taken care of and was able to open up about sensitive aspects of my life and delve into things I never knew were related to limitations I had placed on myself. To be held and guided by such a gentle and powerful healer meant I could begin to unravel aspects of myself that no longer served me. I feel so much lighter and excited to move forward. Thank you Tian.


Sam Parker, Brighton

I have been a participant of the “Diving through Illusion” workshop during a retreat in Orgiva, Spain.

First of all, I would like to thank Keith for his outstanding commitment to participants fulfilling the transformation they desired (=to dive through the illusion).

I can acknowledge that he is willing to do anything to have this accomplished.

Besides me getting a new way of freedom in my behaviour and way of being, I simply had fun with a small, intimate group. A couple of days of amazing rest, great food, laughter in a beautiful setting in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Marcin – Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

“I felt a calling to go on a path to heart before I knew what that meant and shortly afterwards came across Intuity Academy. Being on the practitioner training with Keith and my fellow course mates has been a life-changing, phenomenal experience into the depths of authenticity and truth. Layer by layer, I have had the opportunity to shed limiting belief systems and reveal more of my true self at the heart of my being. Being in touch with this innate knowing allows a space where ANYTHING is possible and miracles truly can happen. My miracle did happen, and continues to happen as I take this path of heart. I began this course with aggressive cancer and a LOT of repressed trauma, and leave it cancer free and with an expansive, open heart that is ready to soar and continue creating miracles and spreading love. Thank you!” 

Abi Flynn, Brighton, United Kingdom

“Previously I have always felt lost and was unsure of the point of the healing workshops but when I was very stuck I thought I would give it a go! I have been going to Keith’s workshops regularly for the past 2 years and always feel wonderful and liberated afterwards. Feeling light, refreshed, comforted and developing new insights to move forwards in life. They have changed my inner world and perspective on the outer world.

This has led me to remember a whole new outlook, rather than just the 2 dimensional world that can lead to being stuck and stagnation. Keith is gentle, calm and highly intuitive ensuring a comfortable space where everyone is equal, and for all to develop at their own pace. I look forward to them each month and highly recommend them. My life has changed completely.” 

Lisa Thomas, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“Absolutely outstanding healing. If ever I have something in my life that is out of balance, I always think of calling Keith.” 

Dan Warburton, Singapore

Amazing, deep, transformational work. Feeling blessed to have been a part of it. I am full of love, gratitude and light. Things will never be the same again.

Leonie Dunlop, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

“Intuity has helped me to surrender on this journey – release layers of emotion, shadow part of myself that were ready to release layer upon layer, upon layer. I have more clarity and insight of my role in this world. I have have returned home to my truth. I feel more balanced, whole and excited. I know something amazing is coming but I feel happy and patient, I know it will reveal itself when all is well and ready. Thank you.” 

Angela Porter, Brighton, United Kingdom

I loved working with Penny, she enabled me to take my own, very visual journey into my past. I felt safe all the way and that my boundaries were really respected. Penny’s holding of space was really special, although we met on zoom it felt she was with me, guiding me, encouraging me and supporting me. Working with Penny is a deeply nourishing and personally revealing experience, I thoroughly recommend. xx

Louisa, UK

I feel so much love in my heart and after diving through the illusion I realise that I create what I want in my life and it’s now time to create what I truly deserve in this beautiful world. I have never felt so much love and support in my life as I do right now.

Holly Butcher, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

“What can I say – amazing experience! The depth of knowledge and understanding Keith provides is incredible. The ability to cut through to the core is something I will be learning along with the depth of clearing emotions.” 

Bina Mistery, Surrey, United Kingdom

“The Foundation Course was a transformational experience which has left me inspired and empowered. I completed another form of training with Keith and this new work encapsulates all of the juices of the previous training in a simple, consolidated, yet effective five day experience where everything is tailored to the participants and what they require in each moment. Full of memorable techniques, guided healings and heartfelt sharing. I will remember this experience with great fondness. I am also grateful for Keith incredible space holding and for the people I shared this incredible journey with.” 

Samantha Parker, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“Keith, you have shown me a version of masculinity that I never imagined was possible, and it fills me with hope for men in the world. Thank you for being you!” 

Amy Coppard-Harkins, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“I have worked with Keith a couple of times one on one and also in a group dynamic (in person and online). Any of his healing environments are remarkably powerful and highly effective (online, in person and over the phone). Keith is a compassionate, caring human who  patiently listens specifically for what it is people are dealing with and truly taps into the core of the issue by reading in-between the lines of what we sometimes do not have the courage to say. He has this amazing ability to sense what people are going through even from 1000’s of miles away. When I was first introduced to Keith I had been invited to attend one of his on-line workshops. I jumped on the call but did not speak as I was just in a place to listen. Halfway through that hour and a half long session, I heard Keith stop and state that he was feeling someone on the line that had some deep grief and sadness. All the other people on the line did not identify with what he was describing and I realized he had tapped into my energy with compassion and curiosity. Since then, in a couple of sessions, I have been able to relieve some of that sadness, reconnect a younger version of myself with some healing and forgiveness for my late father and have identified a core blockage that transcends across all areas of my life. It is obvious that Keith is committed and dedicated to globally helping as many people as possible benefit from his transforming healing techniques.  If you are looking for powerful results and a chance at freedom from those stuck, debilitating traumas, I highly recommend you jump in, and at the very least, have a heart to heart with Keith. You will get your life out of even just one phone call with him.” 

Beth Ann Porter, California, United States

Sam has a very natural ability as an energy healer. I felt safe, held and nurtured. She deeply listened to me and my needs were met in every way. She really cares and I felt her love. I highly recommend a session with Sam, I found it empowering, transformational and it got me back on the right track.

Jojo Smith, Brighton, UK

Since my session with David I’ve felt a big difference. My back has been painful for a while now but since I saw him, the pain difference has been massive! I’ve felt a lot lighter too. Thank you

Jay Brown, Kent

“It was the most amazing, heart centred, transmutation, transformation, energies of love with no separation and so much healing available. It was the most loving, amazing, transformative experience. And I’ve done a lot of workshops. It was amazing. I’d give it 5 stars.” 

Christine Wincott, California, United States

I didn’t know what to expect from a healing session with Tian at Intuity but I’m completely wow’d. Tian was gentle but persistent in her inquisitiveness, asking questions and burrowing to the root cause of my feelings, situation and reality. When she found it she was strong, spookily in tune and amazingly supportive, encouraging me to go where you don’t really want to go. However she guides you in order to get you through to the other side safely. Not something you’d be able to do on your own I don’t think. Years of reading and exploring all this stuff finally made sense in our final chat. The penny dropped and Tian’s help and suggestions for my ongoing support to myself was spot on. I use her advice every day. Really impressed. What a gift. Highly recommended for anyone! Thank you

Katie, Brighton UK

“I have had many healing sessions with Keith over the years and he is always evolving as a healer. He intuitively picked up straight away what I was feeling and even fine tuned the emotion to exactly know and understand how I experience it regularly in my life. He also gave me the insight into the root of where it came from, which made perfect sense to me but was something I had never seen or understood before. He guided me to release this and break through this intense process allowing me to access my vitality and life force that I had been cut off from. Keith is a highly intuitive and powerful healer and I am so grateful for his guided support in this process.” 

Tian Spain, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“What I felt before my Intuity practitioner training – worthlessness, shame, sadness, bitten, resentment, sorrow, hate and much hurt. What I feel now, after my Intuity practitioner training – love, worthiness, joy, happiness, aliveness and  integrity. I could have early carried on in life feeling pain but I sensed there was more. Keith and my colleagues showed me there is another way. Love always, Nigel.” 

Nigel Bowcock, Brighton, United Kingdom

“A beautiful journey that was most needed at this time in my life to find my heart, my true heart. Learning to live from my heart has changed my world. Keith facilitated the practitioner training in an amazing way. Fully supporting every single person in the group. This ripples of love that I now have love spreading far and widen my life. Relationships that I once found challenging are now being healed. I felt held back in my life for so long now I feel free, true freedom to move on in my life. Discovering and creating what I have always wanted for myself. The truth and love within me can be spread far and wide now. Thank you so much to all involved on this course and sharing my journey. Lots of love, light and peace to Keith for supporting me on my path.” 

Holly Butcher, Brighton, UK

“Wow! Attended Intuity’s Violet Fire Workshop in Los Angeles with Keith Hodge, a life altering experience! I received clarity around what is stopping me and clarity in my purpose in life: to be a healer of the world! The best energy workshop I’ve ever experienced! He rocked it! I look forward to attending future workshops and trainings!” 

Lisa Deerr Li, California, United States

I was extremely fortunate, to be guided to Keith recently, where my healing journey began. Keith is both empathetic & compassionate, with a wonderful calming, & gentle energy. I felt instantly, that I could trust in his ability, to guide me through the multiple layers of trauma that existed within me, both past & present.

I knew before connecting with Keith, that I had major blockages, from many different areas. He was able to reassure me, & enable me to work with my deep routed issues, that I was carrying. His ability to tune into what was needed, to help release trauma & negativity within my mind, body & Soul, is incredible.

I love working with him & his magnificent guides, in our sessions. No one else has possessed the ability to help me with my pain & guilt, connected to my life’s journey, until now, other than Keith. He is simply amazing. I feel truly blessed & grateful for his guidance.

Shanthi Premanada

It was an extremely powerful experience. I felt I had cleared negative energy and emotions that don’t belong to me. It was a loving and powerful journey filled with light.
Followed by a lightness of being. I still feel great. Thank you Keith.

Tracey Williams, London UK

“I thoroughly enjoyed The foundation course with Keith. The simplicity of residing in the centre of my being and discerning what is in my unique truth in any given part of life has been a wonderful reminder of my true power, potential and wholeness.

I have explored my deeper senses in a totally new ways and had the opportunity to connect with others as well as myself in a refreshingly authentic, raw and real ways.

I have also been able to clarify difficult life situations/decisions whilst on this course and have a whole new barometer for coming back to truth and my always available inner guidance.” 

Abi Flynn, Brighton, United Kingdom

“The emotional tracing workshop I took with Keith was truly paradigm shifting. I’ve experienced a few inner child work related healings, but nothing has come close to as effective and impactful as this powerhouse Intuity Academy workshop. The issue I resolved for myself in the workshop, continued to unravel the following week. Their training methodology and the tools they offer in this workshop are highly multi-dimensional and the positive effects are permanent. As a result, my husband and I deepened our bond and intimacy in our relationship. Since the workshop, I’ve been able to support close friends and family with accessing their own inner child healing through emotional tracing. It is something that everybody can benefit from and is an effective tool for humankind. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone willing to ponder the path of self expansion, and to anyone seeking more intimacy in their life.” 

Madison Holland, California, United States

Keith you showed up in the healing session in a way that held no space for my nonsense. It was a whole new realm for me and the impacts are massive. It has rocked my world, my reality, my relationships and the way I show up to the core. It is bringing me into a whole new realm of integrity, accountability, standing firm in my power and in that unwavering power that the heart guides me through. Thank you, I appreciate you and wanted you to know the potency of yesterday.

Sophia – Online Healing Session

I was really nervous at first to see what would come up and if I exposed myself in a way, but as I let my tension go, there was more excitement than fear because it gave me the chance to either fix or accept things that I’ve buried for a long time.

Milly Wheatley, Brighton, UK

“A beautiful opportunity to give yourself the luxury to expand and grow. You will make the ultimate commitment and investment in yourself and therefore to those around you a byproduct. You will learn so much about yourself and other people.”  

Zoe Biles, Brighton United Kingdom

Keith, you have shown me a version of masculinity that I never imagined was possible, and it fills me with hope for men in the world.

Thank you for being you!


“Fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into the brain to find things I have been struggling with as an adult firmly rooted in childhood. I feel totally empowered now to function normally without the emotional burdens I carried before today. Thanks to Keith for helping me find it. I feel free.”

Helen, Surrey, United Kingdom

“A Journey Into Heart was more than I had hoped for. Keith brings such tender nurturing guidance through the healing of deep wounds and trauma. I felt so support in this journey in an unexpected lightening of being. I am truly grateful and honoured to be a part of this unique experience that has transformed the way I will move forward through life. I am excited about the future and the prospect of joining them again for the practitioner training module two.” 

Juliet Hennin, Brighton, UK

I absolutely loved having Tian’s healing– she sat very quietly and I could feel her presence – I
responded by feeling very relaxed with her and because I felt so comfortable with her I was able to
let out my feelings and felt much better afterwards.  She is a lady who is very comfortable with
herself and very genuine and as a result I responded with ease as she relaxed me.  You will have
to ask her how she does it but her healing was very effective and much appreciated. I feel much
better as a result. I think Tian managed to dislodge the boulder I have been carrying around with
me for years – I feel quite different.

Sara C.

Thank you Keith, that psychic surgery was very powerful and lol… emotional for me, haven’t cried like that for a very long time, thought I dealt with it 10 years ago but it just kept coming up stronger and stronger tonight. Feeling lighter now tho. Thank you

Petra Zaneva, UK

This amazing experience with Sam has been refreshing and delightful! I have felt safe and guided through the whole experience. A big thank you to Sam for giving me the space and guidance.

Tyra Coppard-Harkins, Brighton, UK
Thank you Keith for a beautiful retreat in the most incredible setting. The energies were sublime, beautiful and at times mind blowing! I am grateful for your support in bringing me back to my power. I saw through the illusion of feeling separate and alone.
There were some moments that will stay with me forever. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the healing work you do.
Tian Spain, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

Keith’s ancestral healing workshops are magnificent; I often find that they allow you to relate to your current woundings in a completely different way. For instance if you suffered with fear and then realised that it’s just something you inherited and or picked up on the way then actually letting go of it can be a lot simpler.  The workshop in general was great; Keith helped guide us to connect to an ancestor looking to heal and then through the use of breath work and compassion helped us all to release our wounds one by one even giving personal advice to anyone struggling.
What I have found from this and previous experience with ancestral healing is that many of our current wounds are linked to us through our DNA and lineage and by healing these you can really free yourself up and live a more authentic life.
Keith always brings a wholesome and wonderful presence to any workshop and I couldn’t rate this workshop or his entire healing platform any higher

Edward Vaughan, London

I participated in an online Ancestral Healing workshop with Keith and gained so much from the experience. I was able to connect in with grandparents, gain a new understanding of their traumas, and release physical trauma of my own through allowing their experiences to be seen and felt fully. Would highly recommend.

Sam Parker, Brighton

A gentle unravelling of the deepest hidden parts of me that block me living in full power. Loved this retreat! For anyone who is feeling blocked this retreat is for you.

Lisa Thomas – Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

Feel supported. Extra strength. More colourful. Dancing instead of standing still.

Nisan Roberts, Brighton, UK

If you want to dive deep into your shadow and explore then I can recommend Intuity and Keith. Just do it!

Rupert – Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

I felt gently guided by David and surrendered into trust to meet and transform an old wound.

A deep sense of release and serenity followed the session, which were part of my intention.

The day after, I took action to move forward in a situation in which I had felt stuck, and started to feel at peace with other events which I have been revisiting in the weeks previous to the healing.

Elodie Lod, France

I had a session with Tian that was a truly profound experience. I came with a block and discomfort around something that on the surface appeared to be bothering me around some circumstances around money that was not working. What actually arose was some relationship dynamic and emotions that blocked myself from being expressive towards specific personality types in my family dynamic. What I left this session with was clarity about how to show up in those relationships in a way that shows strength without overpowering anyone and vulnerability without showing weakness. I have at least one conversation to now have to alter a relationship dynamic that will solidify my true nature into reality.

Thanks Tian – you hold a beautiful space to allow a man to experience his greatest strength. Highly recommended experience for anyone on a journey of growth.

Ben Butt, Ibiza Spain

“The Intuity practitioner training experience is unlike anything I’ve ever come across. When I first arrived on day one I could never have imagined how much I would transform. This has been an incredible journey of personal growth and development, but also one where I now get to share what I’ve learned and my own personal gifts with the world.” 

Samantha Parker, Brighton, United Kingdom

I’ve experienced the most powerful personal transformation during Intuity Academy’s training. I feel empowered to be the full expression of who I am, stand and own my person power, as opposed to hiding as I did before. Not only has this training hugely impacted my life for the better, it has also changed the lives of my case studies, with whom I was grateful to work with and witness their transformation. This is a gift which ripples out positivity in the world. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. Keith is amazing at supporting, guiding and facilitating the transformations, everything is done with love. Thank you.” 

Jane Owens, Brighton, United Kingdom

David guided me through the process and made me feel safe

He enabled me to let go of some old fears and took me to a place where I was able to feel more balanced and ready to move into a new phase of my life with more courage and to lose some of my resistance

Lisa Curme, Brighton UK

When I first had a session with Sam, I had no idea what to expect and felt slightly nervous about the whole process. She immediately put my mind at ease and I felt completely safe and supported from the moment I arrived for the session. Sam is a fantastic listener and calming soul and I was amazed by how intuitive she was when guiding me through the healing. Issues that had been long buried came effortlessly to the surface and I felt a big relief for a couple of days after. This was especially evident in my anxiety levels, which had been quite high prior to our session. I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone looking to let go of issues that are no longer serving them and heal from past wounds.

Sophie Turton, Brighton, UK

“Aren’t we lucky to have a gifted and talented teacher amongst us to share and encourage others to work in the light. So it is. Keith has taken me from a mended wing – to take up my first steps and everything in between and even more to come! Thank you.” 

Karen, Surrey, United Kingdom

“After participating in the emotional tracing workshop with Keith I was left with a sense of lightness and connection to myself that was “inexplicable”.I’m not a generally emotive person and having allowed myself to go where we were led as small group occurred as “natural”. The experience was phenomenal and I was able to begin practicing immediately. The workshop was something I would like to do again and am interested in the larger Intuity course to facilitate my own healing and allow others that I share the work with to benefit as well. Thank you Keith.” 

Greg Saunders, California, United States

The Diving Through the Illusion energy healing retreat with Keith has been truly extraordinary. The whole experience from looking at your own limitations, to the healing work, to getting to know the other on such a deep level, to the food and the surroundings; I will recall everything with such great fondness and know I’ll never be the same again. I am also completing the Intuity Practitioner training course and words cannot describe how much it has given me – an outlet to heal, to be there for others, to go beyond what I thought was possible and to find an extended family. Thank you for everything Keith. With Love, Sam

Samantha Parker, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

With the support of Keith’s mentorship during my low cost clinic session, Tian lovingly guided me into some of my deepest trauma that fractured my connection to a truer, more authentic power and expression. Thanks to the safe and beautifully held space, I now have access to the highly attuned sensitivity, unconditional love, beauty and deeply sensual femininity that has been awaiting my discovery.

K. Williams

I loved the space, it felt magical with the healing music and aromatic smells, a very clean and
holding space. I felt supported and safe and welcomed beautifully. I had a wonderful session with
Tian. I felt held, safe and deeply understood. I felt Tian was experiencing me fully and her wise
comments shifted my energy towards greater healing.

Georgina Hall

As someone who has worked with a number of healers and energy workers, I not only felt
supported and guided by Tian, but she was able to hold the space for me in a way that allowed me
to go beyond what I thought was possible in a single session with her. Her intuition is spot on,
guidance clear, compassion boundless, and the work with her left me not only clearer and lighter,
but excited for what else was possible. The results were immediate and pure, I can’t recommend
her enough.

Mark Price

“Feel grateful for the experience. Very gentle but at the same time very deep healing.”  

Mariya Boycheva, Surrey, UK

My experience of healing with Sam is that she helped and supported me to find a safe, nurturing space to explore areas of my life where I have blocks in place. Sam guided me to the information I needed in order to return to my flow of life. A truly relaxing, transformative and productive experience which also gave indicators for where I could look at doing future work.

Amy Coppard-Harkins, Brighton, UK

“I have enjoyed your classes so much, you have such a natural and refreshing spirit, I really like your warm and genuine approach its one of the nicest classes I have been to.” 

Anika Pick, East Sussex, United Kingdom

This week, wow – how do I explain in a few sentences..!!
Well, I knew it was going to be monumental but I was not entirely sure or fully prepared for what was to take shape.
It was far bigger than I ever expected.
It allowed me to dig deep and be vulnerable in an environment which was safe and nurturing.
It gives me great joy that not only have I helped those who came before me, but I have helped create a cleaner path for those who are set to join me, my children, for perfect unity in its purest state.
So, thank you for helping me see my potential and everlasting power – which I knew I had – but I feel I’ve now allowed myself to grow my backbone back, my strength to conquer is here! So thank you, again!!! Much love. Love & light!!
Emma xxx

Emma Riley, London UK

“After being a Reiki master for 6 years and growing up in a healing household, what I got from today was the expansion that I was looking for, spiritually and on the core, where I can apply it to my life. And I really was able to identify where I was stopping myself and that I actually, in collaboration with others, have the power to distinguish and identify – be free of what stops me. And I was actually able to shut the door on that today. So it’s incredible, thank you.” 

Katie Roberts, California, United States

I have been having weekly online healing sessions with Sam for about a year throughout a very traumatic period of my life and recently was very fortunate to have a physical presence healing session after feeling well enough to travel. I was unsure about how I would respond to online healing but Sam instantly made an impact with such an incredibly relaxing first session. It made such a difference to my mental and physical wellbeing that I looked forward to our sessions every week with delight and healing sessions with Sam became my favourite time of the week.

I am so grateful to Sam for reliving pains and emotions which were trapped deep inside. She created such a safe space that I was able to completely relax, let go and trust her with my whole being. She has such an incredibly humble approach to leading you through a journey of self discovery whilst putting your mind at complete ease.

It was such a difficult time in my life that my anxiety levels and emotions were overwhelming day to day yet my weekly time with Sam managed to allow me to deal with my feelings with no judgement and calm my nerves. She gave me the invaluable skill to be able to look within without fear and equipped me with the tools for my journey of self discovery.

I highly recommend Sam for both online and physical presence healings. She is extremely professional, combining her experience and intuition to lead individualised client focused healing.

Ali Trowsdale, Cambridge, UK

What I wanted to work on –
I have been wanting to change over from my current career over to having my own business with more of a spiritual basis. This was something I wanted to start working on with Keith. I found that there was a lot of healing I needed to do within myself, before all that happened.

After working with Keith –
I am definitely in a better place to continue on my path of spirituality which is leading to me building my business.

The reasons I loved working with Keith –
There was no set plan or structure, unusual for me as I tend to like structure. If a healing was required Keith did one on one healing sessions with me with powerful music that assisted having major emotional releases and shifts, then with other sessions we talked about the business part of my goals, the information was invaluable …. I feel better for having the bespoke healing sessions with Keith. The effects were deep, lasting, gentle and therefore I feel easy to incorporate into everyday life which is exactly what I needed.

Keith is incredibly intuitive and has this kind of knowing and a really easy manner to help you learn /and feel your way through working toward your goals both spiritually and practically. I don’t think our working together is over I plan to engage in more of what Keith has to offer. I would highly recommend. Liz

Liz Collins, Australia

The Intuity Bliss Ancestral healing was one of the most wonderful and emotional journeys I’ve ever been on. As a breathwork facilitator I’ve heard many but Keith’s profoundly moving music, reminded me of lucid dream retreats we have been on with guides.
I found myself flying high above a kaleidoscope of my life back to a time I had totally forgotten about and the intense feeling I had for my dad who for years I’ve struggled with.
Can’t wait for the next one.Thank you

Clive, Ibiza

Donna Joy Usher

Keith has a wonderfully kind and gentle energy. I felt instantly at ease with him. I had a few doubts about whether anything would shift for me but Keith kept the faith and towards the end of our sessions I had a deep core wound shift. He helped break through a strong block I didn’t know I had, and I experienced a deep healing of the wound of separation experienced at birth. He has supported me through a challenging time in my life and his work with his guides is exceptional. I didn’t want the journey to end so have booked the foundation training in May. I’m excited to see what that will bring.

Penny Rose, UK

Thank you Keith for taking me on a wonderful journey full of love and light. Your strength, compassion and humility is inspirational.

Sarah Wolfe, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

“The experience I have while on the course was one of great beauty. The space that was created between this exceptional group of human beings was one that I won’t forget. Keith is an incredible healer & leader and it was a real pleasure to watch them him and to experience his unique style of healing first hand; wow! The love he has for people is just stunning, he is a shinning examples how to live from truth and walk the walk. I leave today with an incredibly warm heart and having had a truly transformational experience.” 

Bradley Wescott, Brighton, United Kingdom

“The work I have done during The foundation course has enabled me to discover and heal parts of myself that I never even knew existed, where that will take me I have no idea; but I cannot wait to find out! I have reconnected back to my heart and senses I lost connection to and I look forward to exploring life in new ways that were not possible before.” 

Matt Farr, London UK

“I could feel very deeply in my body as things were releasing and, as always, it was unexpected. It’s very real and the sense of space is huge, but at the same time I can feel when there’s a resistance coming up, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with Intuity, because it becomes very clear energetically. it’s been a very beautiful group. Thank you I feel immense gratitude.” 

Ela Graves, Orgiva, Spain

I first came across Keith during a Facebook Live stream. Being a former Buddhist monk and an energy healer myself, I am very sensitive and specific about who I trust and allow into my field. I found the energy that Keith was holding to be very powerful and in the highest integrity. I contacted Keith directly and signed up to work 1-1 with him for 6 months. Keith’s individual sessions have been incredibly helpful, healing, and insightful. I have been able to receive invaluable impulses during our work together and have found a deep level of energetic support when I needed it the most. Keith is truly a first class healer and a world class energy worker. I would highly recommend sessions with him to anyone searching for spiritual, mental, emotional, or energetic assistance.

Seth Monk, California US

As a marathon runner, being out of training with an injury is the most devastating experience. After trying a wide range of different strategies in order to heal my torn hamstring & glute, I attended an energy healing session with Sam as following numerous recommendations from friends.

During my session, Sam was literally amazing; she is the most compassionate and warm person who immediately made me feel at ease with opening up about my past relationship and gently guided me to realise that the trauma experienced in this relationship was preventing the healing process in my legs.

Sam used sound healing through her own beautiful singing of notes alongside the calming background music; this had results which I could never have predicted. Through sound healing, I finally began to face the issues holding me back and visualise what I had to do in order to move forward. The release I felt during the sound healing was extremely powerful & enabled me to reach realisations that I knew deep down yet was burying. Sam used the healing technique of cord cutting to finally sever the ties with what was holding me back both physically and mentally.

The next day, I woke up feeling so energised and happy. After 3 months out of running, I ran 7 miles whilst continually channeling the advice Sam had given me. Through Sam’s energy healing, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am moving forward with me life with happiness and positivity. I couldn’t recommend Sam more as an energy healer. Her expertise, kindness and compassion shine through & I owe it to her for helping me reset and realign my life.

Christine Cawte, Brighton, UK

I have worked with Keith a couple of times one on one and also in a group dynamic (in person and online) along with his powerful wife Kyla. Any of their healing environments are remarkably powerful and highly effective (online, in person and over the phone). Keith is a compassionate, caring human who  patiently listens specifically for what it is people are dealing with and truly taps into the core of the issue by reading in-between the lines of what we sometimes do not have the courage to say. He has this amazing ability to sense what people are going through even from 1000’s of miles away. When I first was introduced to Kieth I had been invited to attend one of his on-line workshops. I jumped on the call but did not speak as I was just in a place to listen. Halfway through that hour and a half long session, I heard Keith stop and state that he was feeling someone on the line that had some deep grief and sadness. All the other people on the line did not identify with what he was describing and I realized he had tapped into my energy with compassion and curiosity. Since then, in a couple of sessions, I have been able to relieve some of that sadness, reconnect a younger version of myself with some healing and forgiveness for my late father and have identified a core blockage that transcends across all areas of my life. It is obvious that Keith and Kyla are committed and dedicated to globally helping as many people as possible benefit from their transforming healing techniques.  If you are looking for powerful results and a chance at freedom from those stuck, debilitating traumas, I highly recommend you jump in, and at the very least, have a heart to heart with Keith or Kyla. You will get your life out of even just one phone call with them.

Beth from California, US
I had an amazing session with Tian. It was lovely and relaxing, but it also felt really proactive in helping to clear old patterns that are no longer serving me. I came out feeling clear and positive and will happily recommend her to others.
Jo, Brighton

Truth.  Teamwork.  Transformation.

I feel a huge sense of relief at having found something that so obviously makes my life more enjoyable.  Intuity has given me the tools and the support to examine my negative thinking and behaviour patterns, dismantle them and make different choices.
After one week with Intuity, I was in awe at what energy healing could achieve.  After one month, alcohol no longer had any power over me.  After six weeks my therapist of ten years told me it was like she was talking to a different person.  I highly recommend Intuity if you want to improve your life.
For me, the Intuity Energy healing retreat has introduced me to incredible levels of honesty, care and support.  Within this environment, healing and self-development was inevitable.  I’ve grown up this week, processed unresolved trauma and gained a large group of friends.  I can’t recommend it highly enough! – Alexandra
Alexandra Jose, London UK

“I felt ungrounded and confused before the group healing session. Keith helped me clear distractions and allow light and love into my heart. Brilliant, life affirming and joyous. These sessions make me smile inside and life feels so much lighter. Thank you.” 

Nigel Bowcock, Brighton, United Kingdom

How can you describe what it is like to break free? I don’t think the English language is capable of facilitating the sentiments I have experienced.

Matt Portman, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat