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The Portal

Experience transformational healing with Keith Hodge and Seth Monk.

Seth was a buddhist monk before starting his path as a Siddha Healer. He teaches meditation and has a beautiful way of speaking in a way advanced concepts are easy to understand.

The portal is a healing group that brings weekly live healings, trainings, Q&A and meditations providing a huge amount of support.

Join a community of people who are committed to growth.

Experience being Supported by two powerful healers.

Stay on track with your Intentions throughout the year.

“I have worked with Keith a couple of times one on one and also in a group dynamic (in person and online). Any of his healing environments are remarkably powerful and highly effective (online, in person and over the phone). Keith is a compassionate, caring human who  patiently listens specifically for what it is people are dealing with and truly taps into the core of the issue by reading in-between the lines of what we sometimes do not have the courage to say. He has this amazing ability to sense what people are going through even from 1000’s of miles away. When I was first introduced to Keith I had been invited to attend one of his on-line workshops. I jumped on the call but did not speak as I was just in a place to listen. Halfway through that hour and a half long session, I heard Keith stop and state that he was feeling someone on the line that had some deep grief and sadness. All the other people on the line did not identify with what he was describing and I realized he had tapped into my energy with compassion and curiosity. Since then, in a couple of sessions, I have been able to relieve some of that sadness, reconnect a younger version of myself with some healing and forgiveness for my late father and have identified a core blockage that transcends across all areas of my life. It is obvious that Keith is committed and dedicated to globally helping as many people as possible benefit from his transforming healing techniques.  If you are looking for powerful results and a chance at freedom from those stuck, debilitating traumas, I highly recommend you jump in, and at the very least, have a heart to heart with Keith. You will get your life out of even just one phone call with him.” 

Beth Ann Porter, California, United States

“A healing session with Keith Hodge is always a powerfully transformational experience! After having many individual sessions I previously wondered if a group one would be so effective. It doesn’t seem to make much difference as Keith’s consciousness continues to expand he makes it look very easy to hold space for the group while working intimately with each of us at the same time. In the last few sessions I have found, each time, that many layers of misunderstanding are shed and the work and integration continues for many days afterwards; always leaving me feeling lighter and with much more space inside.

He is a deeply compassionate and intuitive being with the highest integrity, who always speaks from the truth of his heart.

It always feels a great blessing to connect with him.

Thank you.”

Leonie Dunlop, Orgiva, Spain

“Absolutely outstanding healing. If ever I have something in my life that is out of balance, I always think of calling Keith.” 

Dan Warburton, Singapore

“I have had many healing sessions with Keith over the years and he is always evolving as a healer. He intuitively picked up straight away what I was feeling and even fine tuned the emotion to exactly know and understand how I experience it regularly in my life. He also gave me the insight into the root of where it came from, which made perfect sense to me but was something I had never seen or understood before. He guided me to release this and break through this intense process allowing me to access my vitality and life force that I had been cut off from. Keith is a highly intuitive and powerful healer and I am so grateful for his guided support in this process.” 

Tian Spain, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“I have been attending the group sessions after previously completing intuity academy’s  training. My journey is in full swing now, so the top up sessions have been economical and extremely helpful. Not only can you gain insight from your own experiences but due to the connections with others in the group, there is always more aspects that arise. Keith gently assists you in getting to the root of the issue and more. Before this evenings group session I was shaking and sobbing from being triggered throughout the day. Within the hour I was calm and tranquil after receiving energy healing that penetrated through my mind, every cell in my body and my soul” 

Lisa, Sussex, United Kingdom

“I felt ungrounded and confused before the group healing session. Keith helped me clear distractions and allow light and love into my heart. Brilliant, life affirming and joyous. These sessions make me smile inside and life feels so much lighter. Thank you.” 

Nigel Bowcock, Brighton, United Kingdom

“After participating in the emotional tracing workshop with Keith I was left with a sense of lightness and connection to myself that was “inexplicable”.I’m not a generally emotive person and having allowed myself to go where we were led as small group occurred as “natural”. The experience was phenomenal and I was able to begin practicing immediately. The workshop was something I would like to do again and am interested in the larger Intuity course to facilitate my own healing and allow others that I share the work with to benefit as well. Thank you Keith.” 

Greg Saunders, California, United States

“That was AMAZING! I am so grateful to you for the healing. Thank you thank you thank you! I released a lot of fear and all the attachments. I feel like/ had a picture that I regrew my right arm from “dead wood” to green wood.” 

Margaret Nardecchia, Texas, United States

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