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Hi I’m Samantha

I’m a classically trained singer, singing teacher and intuitive energy healer. I have been singing and performing for most of my life, but I didn’t I begin my healing journey until 2018 when I was referred to do an energy healing practitioner training course with Intuity International. It had such a profound impact so I decided to continue practising under Keith’s mentorship. With his support and guidance, I discovered my ability as a sound healer.

Using vocal toning, guided messages through song and sound equipment, I help clients connect with their inner wisdom, trust themselves and their process, shift emotional blocks, heal trauma and reflect to create positive change. As a result, I have witnessed incredible transformation, healing and growth during and after sessions. I have always looked for ways to support my own mental and physical wellbeing and feel privileged that I can use my gift of voice and song to support others in this way.

There was a kaleidoscope of colours throughout the experience and with its transition – emotions evolved in and out of each other. Anger, sadness, shyness, anxiety – all in relation to various people, experiences and times of my life. At points it was overwhelming and at other times I was trying to hide or avoid the emotions. I am left feeling almost like a blank canvas. I imagine more will emerge over the coming days. And I think I will pay more attention to the relation of colour and emotion and their significance for me.

Michelle Proksell, Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have been having weekly online healing sessions with Sam for about a year throughout a very traumatic period of my life and recently was very fortunate to have a physical presence healing session after feeling well enough to travel. I was unsure about how I would respond to online healing but Sam instantly made an impact with such an incredibly relaxing first session. It made such a difference to my mental and physical wellbeing that I looked forward to our sessions every week with delight and healing sessions with Sam became my favourite time of the week.

I am so grateful to Sam for reliving pains and emotions which were trapped deep inside. She created such a safe space that I was able to completely relax, let go and trust her with my whole being. She has such an incredibly humble approach to leading you through a journey of self discovery whilst putting your mind at complete ease.

It was such a difficult time in my life that my anxiety levels and emotions were overwhelming day to day yet my weekly time with Sam managed to allow me to deal with my feelings with no judgement and calm my nerves. She gave me the invaluable skill to be able to look within without fear and equipped me with the tools for my journey of self discovery.

I highly recommend Sam for both online and physical presence healings. She is extremely professional, combining her experience and intuition to lead individualised client focused healing.

Ali Trowsdale, Cambridge, UK

I was really nervous at first to see what would come up and if I exposed myself in a way, but as I let my tension go, there was more excitement than fear because it gave me the chance to either fix or accept things that I’ve buried for a long time.

Milly Wheatley, Brighton, UK

This amazing experience with Sam has been refreshing and delightful! I have felt safe and guided through the whole experience. A big thank you to Sam for giving me the space and guidance.

Tyra Coppard-Harkins, Brighton, UK

Sam has a very natural ability as an energy healer. I felt safe, held and nurtured. She deeply listened to me and my needs were met in every way. She really cares and I felt her love. I highly recommend a session with Sam, I found it empowering, transformational and it got me back on the right track.

Jojo Smith, Brighton, UK

This was the second healing session I had had with Sam and was just as powerful as the first.

I had gone with two specific things to work on – a physical pain and a feeling of being emotionally drained by recent events. Sam put me at my ease and very quickly helped me tune in to what was going on for me.

Sam’s focus made it very easy for me to identify a past traumatic event that seemed to be causing me the physical pain and she then helped me work through it to a point of release and resolution. Since then I have not had the pain at all and that is glorious!

I left feeling restored, refreshed and lighter, as if something had been washed away. My second healing session showed me the first was not just a fluke – I find Sam to be a powerful and clear channel for healing. Thank you Sam.

Sarah Lundie, Brighton, UK

Feel supported. Extra strength. More colourful. Dancing instead of standing still.

Nisan Roberts, Brighton, UK

Wow! What a fantastic session. I’d been feeling tired, down and disassociated for a long time, as well as having panic attacks. I’d been wondering how can I get out of this state of misery and into more joy and freedom? Well, during my session with Sam I saw very clearly the answer, and all from simply connecting with myself. Very powerful and inspiring, I’m lit up just by knowing what I need to do next! Would highly recommend, especially for anyone feeling as though they’re in a rut right now and unsure of how to move forward. Well worth the investment.

George, Brighton, UK

I have done my first ever session with Sam and cannot recommend this beautiful intuitive healing therapy enough. There are no words to describe the incredible release of fears and stress, by feeling completely safe to reconnect to very personal moments of one’s life. It has been one of the most beautiful experiences. Sam was so kind and gentle, I felt I could let go and be truly authentic in her presence and safe to be vulnerable in order to look inwards and listen.

Miska, Brighton, UK

I feel so relaxed, forgiving myself and letting it all go. I trust Sam so much in that I can show my vulnerabilities and just be me. Sam has a gentle loving energy which I love to be around. Thank you

Rebecca Ashby, Brighton, UK

As a marathon runner, being out of training with an injury is the most devastating experience. After trying a wide range of different strategies in order to heal my torn hamstring & glute, I attended an energy healing session with Sam as following numerous recommendations from friends.

During my session, Sam was literally amazing; she is the most compassionate and warm person who immediately made me feel at ease with opening up about my past relationship and gently guided me to realise that the trauma experienced in this relationship was preventing the healing process in my legs.

Sam used sound healing through her own beautiful singing of notes alongside the calming background music; this had results which I could never have predicted. Through sound healing, I finally began to face the issues holding me back and visualise what I had to do in order to move forward. The release I felt during the sound healing was extremely powerful & enabled me to reach realisations that I knew deep down yet was burying. Sam used the healing technique of cord cutting to finally sever the ties with what was holding me back both physically and mentally.

The next day, I woke up feeling so energised and happy. After 3 months out of running, I ran 7 miles whilst continually channeling the advice Sam had given me. Through Sam’s energy healing, I feel like a weight has been lifted and I am moving forward with me life with happiness and positivity. I couldn’t recommend Sam more as an energy healer. Her expertise, kindness and compassion shine through & I owe it to her for helping me reset and realign my life.

Christine Cawte, Brighton, UK

I feel amazing after this experience. It was really relaxing and allowed me to reflect on my internal thoughts and feelings, clear away negative and unwanted aspects and create space for more positivity.

Danielle Howden, London, UK

The way Sam held my healing was phenomenal. I came in with perhaps the biggest shift of my life ready to move. It was like life aligned to bring Sam and I (and Keith) together at that moment. Sam’s ability to allow what wanted to happen rather than control any outcome was amazing and allowed me to release dark layers of trauma I haven’t been able to access myself, all the while feeling totally safe and loved in the process. It felt like realities shifted and I completely let go of a lifetime of misinterpreted trauma/shame/dogma/guilt. Sam addressed a blockage in my womb/ovary and I literally felt a twitch and lift (psychic surgery). Sam used her voice towards the end and it was beautiful and powerful; she sang to me and with me. It was perfect.

Abi, Brighton, UK

Sam gave me a healing session in November 2018 and I found it a most powerful experience.

She had made a lovely space for us to meet and I instantly felt at ease.  We talked for a while as she asked me questions about what I was hoping to achieve out of the session, then I lay on the sofa while she talked me through the healing process.  I found myself very relaxed and accepting whilst still fully aware of my surroundings.  I can’t really describe what happened as it was mostly about thoughts and feelings but I felt that something deeply powerful was shifting inside me.

Since the session, I have had many people from different areas of my life tell me how fantastically well I look and the word most of them have used is ‘shining’.  I also feel like some old, very familiar, and not helpful patterns have been cleared out and I am happier and more relaxed and positive about how my life will unfold from here.  Thank you Sam.

Sarah Lundie, Brighton, UK

When I first had a session with Sam, I had no idea what to expect and felt slightly nervous about the whole process. She immediately put my mind at ease and I felt completely safe and supported from the moment I arrived for the session. Sam is a fantastic listener and calming soul and I was amazed by how intuitive she was when guiding me through the healing. Issues that had been long buried came effortlessly to the surface and I felt a big relief for a couple of days after. This was especially evident in my anxiety levels, which had been quite high prior to our session. I would absolutely recommend Sam to anyone looking to let go of issues that are no longer serving them and heal from past wounds.

Sophie Turton, Brighton, UK

My experience of healing with Sam is that she helped and supported me to find a safe, nurturing space to explore areas of my life where I have blocks in place. Sam guided me to the information I needed in order to return to my flow of life. A truly relaxing, transformative and productive experience which also gave indicators for where I could look at doing future work.

Amy Coppard-Harkins, Brighton, UK

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