Foundation Course

Module 1

5-day training
11, 12 & 24, 25, 26 March 2023

Create who you are, Commit to growth, Choose This life

Discover Your Power

Foundation Course

A five-day foundation course for anyone who is choosing to become the best version of themselves.

Experience dynamic transformation combined with the exploration of how to live through heart and open your senses.
Living through the heart is essential to walk your soul path. It provides you with a clear path to empowered choices and leads to an alignment with your purpose.

Learn how to develop the ability to engage with the 80% of information that is non-verbal through your senses of knowing, feeling, seeing and hearing.

At Intuity International we train you in your own language of sensing that gives you the ability to connect with your inner wisdom. Imagine how much you could expand professionally and in your relationships if you invested in developing these skills today.

Do you feel you are destined for More in life?

Would you like to Trust Yourself and your inner guidance?

Do you want to develop the ability to Confidently engage with the energetic world?

The Opportunities Within The Training

Learn how to live from your heart and connect with your inner guidance

Discover the 80% of information that is available through your 4 main senses

Learn how you limit your experience of life by protecting yourself from old emotions

Identify aspects and emotions that are blocking your full expression


Experience LIVE transformation with Keith

Learn to engage with the energetic world

Learn how to ground, centre and create clear boundaries

Start facing your fears and trusting yourself

Develop the essentials to support you in powerfully navigating life

“To hear your heart and know its message is a gift.”

Karen, Surrey, United Kingdom

“An organic experience from start to end, that perfectly encompasses the practicalities, tools and methodology needed to journey into heart. In the space created by Keith we were able to journey into the depths, spaces and expansiveness beyond what is imaginable, all while being securely held and given the freedom to express anything, in anyway, without judgement, in order to discover who we truly were.” 

Amy (was small now huge!) Coppard-Harkins, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“The Foundation Course has been the most amazing and liberating experience in my life so far. I have been looking for tools for such a long time to help heal myself, as well as waning and needing to be the best me I could ever be for myself and others in my life. I never expected to learn so much about myself, including a lot of things I never even knew existed within me. It is an unbelievable and absolutely amazing how much love and support I felt while being on this journey with such beautiful souls. I am 44 years old and throughout my life I have had people love me, but I have never felt so much love, support and respect that I have experienced on this course. I feel my life has just begun and I cannot thank Keith enough.” 

Gini Mulls, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“The experience I have while on the course was one of great beauty. The space that was created between this exceptional group of human beings was one that I won’t forget. Keith is an incredible healer & leader and it was a real pleasure to watch them him and to experience his unique style of healing first hand; wow! The love he has for people is just stunning, he is a shinning examples how to live from truth and walk the walk. I leave today with an incredibly warm heart and having had a truly transformational experience.” 

Bradley Wescott, Brighton, United Kingdom

“The foundation course, has made me see things with such great clarity. Not only are Keith and Kyla amazing space holders, they also bring a warmth and personality. If you are considering joining the foundation course, I would say expect a whirlwind of a great time, and major breakthroughs in your spiritual and mental wellbeing. This course has helped me communicate and build intimate relationships, which I thought was impossible. This is all thanks to Keith and the amazing course, humour and the safe space provided. I will never be the same again.” 

Edward Vaughan, London, United Kingdom

“The work I have done during The foundation course has enabled me to discover and heal parts of myself that I never even knew existed, where that will take me I have no idea; but I cannot wait to find out! I have reconnected back to my heart and senses I lost connection to and I look forward to exploring life in new ways that were not possible before.” 

Matt Farr, London UK

“The Foundation Course was a transformational experience which has left me inspired and empowered. I completed another form of training with Keith and this new work encapsulates all of the juices of the previous training in a simple, consolidated, yet effective five day experience where everything is tailored to the participants and what they require in each moment. Full of memorable techniques, guided healings and heartfelt sharing. I will remember this experience with great fondness. I am also grateful for Keith incredible space holding and for the people I shared this incredible journey with.” 

Samantha Parker, East Sussex, United Kingdom

“A Journey Into Heart was more than I had hoped for. Keith brings such tender nurturing guidance through the healing of deep wounds and trauma. I felt so support in this journey in an unexpected lightening of being. I am truly grateful and honoured to be a part of this unique experience that has transformed the way I will move forward through life. I am excited about the future and the prospect of joining them again for the practitioner training module two.” 

Juliet Hennin, Brighton, UK

“I thoroughly enjoyed The foundation course with Keith. The simplicity of residing in the centre of my being and discerning what is in my unique truth in any given part of life has been a wonderful reminder of my true power, potential and wholeness.

I have explored my deeper senses in a totally new ways and had the opportunity to connect with others as well as myself in a refreshingly authentic, raw and real ways.

I have also been able to clarify difficult life situations/decisions whilst on this course and have a whole new barometer for coming back to truth and my always available inner guidance.” 

Abi Flynn, Brighton, United Kingdom

Uncover how You are at the source of your Own transformation

When & Where

Saturday 11th & 12th Sunday March 2023
followed by:
Friday – Sunday 24th, 25th, 26th March 2023

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