Diving Through The Illusion

Lifting the Veil Retreat

Our inner experience creates the way the world occurs to us.

Get ready to dive through the illusion,  into a place of love, freedom and Aliveness.


Diving Through The Illusion

We live in a world of duality. It is how we interact with this world that reveals our personal story. For example one person may see an action as good whilst another strongly feels it is bad. Neither is correct, both are living through their conditioned story.

In this retreat Intuity creates an environment that enables you to experience what is in the way of you living in this moment.

This retreat will offer an enable you to witness recurring patterns, beliefs, stories and identities. Upon transforming these, you will be pulled towards the opportunity of diving through the illusion into a place of love, freedom and aliveness.

Join us for a profound journey which is revolutionising healing in the 21st century.

Do you feel disempowered, restricted or stuck in any of Your life?

Have you noticed that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions Shape the way your reality occurs?

Would you like to break free of self-created stories that Limit you?

Opportunities within the retreat

Explore your repeating patterns and belief systems

Break free of boxes which limit you

Deep transformation

Experience yourself as you truly are

Delicious nourishing food

Discover stories and identities that run your life

Majestic, wild nature

Create an expanded way of living

Heal emotions that pull you out of being present

I have been a participant of the “Diving through Illusion” workshop during a retreat in Orgiva, Spain.

First of all, I would like to thank Keith for his outstanding commitment to participants fulfilling the transformation they desired (=to dive through the illusion).

I can acknowledge that he is willing to do anything to have this accomplished.

Besides me getting a new way of freedom in my behaviour and way of being, I simply had fun with a small, intimate group. A couple of days of amazing rest, great food, laughter in a beautiful setting in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Marcin – Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

Thank you Keith for taking me on a wonderful journey full of love and light. Your strength, compassion and humility is inspirational.

Sarah Wolfe, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

A gentle unravelling of the deepest hidden parts of me that block me living in full power. Loved this retreat! For anyone who is feeling blocked this retreat is for you.

Lisa Thomas – Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

I feel so much love in my heart and after diving through the illusion I realise that I create what I want in my life and it’s now time to create what I truly deserve in this beautiful world. I have never felt so much love and support in my life as I do right now.

Holly Butcher, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

Amazing, deep, transformational work. Feeling blessed to have been a part of it. I am full of love, gratitude and light. Things will never be the same again.

Leonie Dunlop, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

If you want to dive deep into your shadow and explore then I can recommend Intuity and Keith. Just do it!

Rupert – Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

The Diving Through the Illusion energy healing retreat with Keith has been truly extraordinary. The whole experience from looking at your own limitations, to the healing work, to getting to know the other on such a deep level, to the food and the surroundings; I will recall everything with such great fondness and know I’ll never be the same again. I am also completing the Intuity Practitioner training course and words cannot describe how much it has given me – an outlet to heal, to be there for others, to go beyond what I thought was possible and to find an extended family. Thank you for everything Keith. With Love, Sam

Samantha Parker, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

How can you describe what it is like to break free? I don’t think the English language is capable of facilitating the sentiments I have experienced.

Matt Portman, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat
Thank you Keith for a beautiful retreat in the most incredible setting. The energies were sublime, beautiful and at times mind blowing! I am grateful for your support in bringing me back to my power. I saw through the illusion of feeling separate and alone.
There were some moments that will stay with me forever. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the healing work you do.
Tian Spain, Diving Through The Illusion Retreat

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