Community Clinic  with Vanessa

Hi I’m Vanessa

Hi, my name is Vanessa Gagné and I am one of the 2022 graduate Healing Practitioners.

Throughout the last three years, I have gone down a path of self-exploration that has allowed
me to become more aware of my surroundings and the energies within. Through my practice
with my guides and mentors, I have opened my world to a way of being that allows me to guide
others to find the root of emotions and feelings that no longer serve them.

My world has opened up in so many ways after releasing what no longer serves me. For
example I have learned to put myself first when needed instead of molding myself to everyone
else’s needs. I also allow a lot more play in my world, which has made my relationships stronger
and healthier. My mind and body live in a more peaceful state compared to prior to taking the time to shed some layers, and I am grateful for that.

As a Healing Practitioner, I am able to facilitate others to move to deeper levels of the self,
healing in ways that shift entire perceptions of reality. This shift helps you live through heart and
access truths that help you live a more aligned life.I invite you to reach out to me to work with you in tracing emotion you wish to shed, to living a life on the outside that matches what you envision for yourself and to live life more joyfully.

I felt gently guided by David and surrendered into trust to meet and transform an old wound.

A deep sense of release and serenity followed the session, which were part of my intention.

The day after, I took action to move forward in a situation in which I had felt stuck, and started to feel at peace with other events which I have been revisiting in the weeks previous to the healing.

Elodie Lod, France

David guided me through the process and made me feel safe

He enabled me to let go of some old fears and took me to a place where I was able to feel more balanced and ready to move into a new phase of my life with more courage and to lose some of my resistance

Lisa Curme, Brighton UK

Since my session with David I’ve felt a big difference. My back has been painful for a while now but since I saw him, the pain difference has been massive! I’ve felt a lot lighter too. Thank you

Jay Brown, Kent

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