Community Clinic with Penny

Hi I’m Penny

I graduated from Intuity Practitioner Training in 2022 and I have also have trained in energy healing with the INEH (Interntional Network of Energy Healing).  

I am passionate about helping people to heal deeply held wounds, supporting them to access the blocks they are unable to reach themselves and enabling them to live with greater freedom. 

I am an intuitive healer and I sense other’s healing issues in my body. I hold a loving and supportive space with my guides. I have been on my own healing journey since having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I have received profoundly deep healing which enables me to now help others.

I also have a passion for somatic and authentic movement and hold guided movement sessions in the UK. I live off grid in the woods and am deeply connected to and nourished by nature.

I had been searching for a healing modalities to work on some very core family wounds and deep insecurities. I initially was intrigued of the work she had done after healing her experience.

During the session I felt safe, secure and held very gently, even though we were discussing challenging topics they were welcome and explored very calmly and effectively. I felt comfortable to be able to show emotion (which is hard for me) and able to tackle the issues right to core. Though I don’t fully understand how it work it doesn’t matter as I now feel wonderful. I have managed to heal core addictions and emotional issues I had prior to my work with her. This has now made me want to shout this work from the roof tops.

Highly recommend this healing for anything you need to shift to become the best version of yourself.

Penny Testinmonial by Lexi

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Cornerstone Community Centre

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