Community Clinic with Charlotte

Charlotte Chalkley BSc(hons) DipCAH

Charlotte spent her adolescent years playing around with healing using her hands, connecting with spirit guides and working intuitively but gave it up as an adult until a few years ago.

Her adult years were spent studying psychology and hypnotherapy and working with trauma, anxiety and depression.

Charlotte has been a qualified hypnotherapist for 20 years now and after a long break from healing and psychic work felt the call to come back to her natural abilities and develop further her spiritual knowledge and practice.

In addition to her academic skills and her natural intuition and connection to other realms Charlotte had a difficult childhood and adolescence and through her own healing of this she is a very open and clear channel to now help others do the same. She combines her life experience and her skill sets with compassion and grace, creating a safe  yet powerful space for people to heal and expand mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I loved the space, it felt magical with the healing music and aromatic smells, a very clean and
holding space. I felt supported and safe and welcomed beautifully. I had a wonderful session with
Tian. I felt held, safe and deeply understood. I felt Tian was experiencing me fully and her wise
comments shifted my energy towards greater healing.

Georgina Hall
I had an amazing session with Tian. It was lovely and relaxing, but it also felt really proactive in helping to clear old patterns that are no longer serving me. I came out feeling clear and positive and will happily recommend her to others.
Jo, Brighton

I absolutely loved having Tian’s healing– she sat very quietly and I could feel her presence – I
responded by feeling very relaxed with her and because I felt so comfortable with her I was able to
let out my feelings and felt much better afterwards.  She is a lady who is very comfortable with
herself and very genuine and as a result I responded with ease as she relaxed me.  You will have
to ask her how she does it but her healing was very effective and much appreciated. I feel much
better as a result. I think Tian managed to dislodge the boulder I have been carrying around with
me for years – I feel quite different.

Sara C.

I didn’t know what to expect from a healing session with Tian at Intuity but I’m completely wow’d. Tian was gentle but persistent in her inquisitiveness, asking questions and burrowing to the root cause of my feelings, situation and reality. When she found it she was strong, spookily in tune and amazingly supportive, encouraging me to go where you don’t really want to go. However she guides you in order to get you through to the other side safely. Not something you’d be able to do on your own I don’t think. Years of reading and exploring all this stuff finally made sense in our final chat. The penny dropped and Tian’s help and suggestions for my ongoing support to myself was spot on. I use her advice every day. Really impressed. What a gift. Highly recommended for anyone! Thank you

Katie, Brighton UK

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect today but when Tian made me relaxed and comfortable
regressing back to my childhood and my parents passing away, there was a lot of sadness and
guilty feelings and anger at them being taken away. But after the guidance from Tian I let go of the
guilt feelings and she asked me to allow myself to be happy and then after tears, I felt elevated and
lifted. I ran through fields of corn laughing and free, then I was a child again running happy and on
a swing. Then I was rocketed high into the sky with such force and energy. It was an amazing
feeling. Thank you so much Tian, I feel relaxed, calm and free.

Sharon Morgan

Thank you for your beautiful healing. I felt held and incredibly supported as soon as the session began. You generously gave me the space to explore my feelings and express myself helping me understand where I hoped to be healed. You instantly tuned into where was necessary to heal and what happened for the next 45 minutes was magical, heart opening, releasing and so very comforting to my soul. I needed the healing with you more than I knew. You cropped up in my life at the perfect time. I have had many healing in my time, but something very big shifted with you. I thank you for your gift and love. I thank you for the held nurturing space you created for me. Thank you Tian!

Sophia Milburn, Wiltshire
I had my first healing session with Tian last weekend, I felt comfortable and was able to sink deeply into the darkest parts that needed emotional attention. Tian guided me back to my childhood, a place I had felt very vulnerable. With Tian’s guidance I was able to offer my inner child the love and comfort that was required, drawing her into my heart where she is now well protected. I have felt a huge shift in my emotional development since having this enlightenment, I felt a weight lifted as I was able to learn and understand that all I needed was an open safe space to allow love and healing.
Thank you Tian,  I would highly recommend.
Hayley Crosby, Kent

I had a session with Tian that was a truly profound experience. I came with a block and discomfort around something that on the surface appeared to be bothering me around some circumstances around money that was not working. What actually arose was some relationship dynamic and emotions that blocked myself from being expressive towards specific personality types in my family dynamic. What I left this session with was clarity about how to show up in those relationships in a way that shows strength without overpowering anyone and vulnerability without showing weakness. I have at least one conversation to now have to alter a relationship dynamic that will solidify my true nature into reality.

Thanks Tian – you hold a beautiful space to allow a man to experience his greatest strength. Highly recommended experience for anyone on a journey of growth.

Ben Butt, Ibiza Spain

My session with you Tian was really powerful. I didn’t know I had so much fear and pain inside. I feel a lot has been released, so thank you for sharing your gifts with the world! Sending you so much love and blessings

Simona, US

My healing with Tian absolutely blew me away. The space she created was beautiful – I felt completely taken care of and was able to open up about sensitive aspects of my life and delve into things I never knew were related to limitations I had placed on myself. To be held and guided by such a gentle and powerful healer meant I could begin to unravel aspects of myself that no longer served me. I feel so much lighter and excited to move forward. Thank you Tian.


Sam Parker, Brighton

As someone who has worked with a number of healers and energy workers, I not only felt
supported and guided by Tian, but she was able to hold the space for me in a way that allowed me
to go beyond what I thought was possible in a single session with her. Her intuition is spot on,
guidance clear, compassion boundless, and the work with her left me not only clearer and lighter,
but excited for what else was possible. The results were immediate and pure, I can’t recommend
her enough.

Mark Price

With the support of Keith’s mentorship during my low cost clinic session, Tian lovingly guided me into some of my deepest trauma that fractured my connection to a truer, more authentic power and expression. Thanks to the safe and beautifully held space, I now have access to the highly attuned sensitivity, unconditional love, beauty and deeply sensual femininity that has been awaiting my discovery.

K. Williams

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