Birthing Into Self

Ancestral Healing Retreat

Some of the most hidden wounds are those that you inherited.

Birthing into Self

This is a wild adventure into healing your ancestral past

When we are born into this world, we benefit from the teachings and wisdom of our ancestors. However, we may also take on the unhealed wounds and aspects of our mother, father and those that have come before them.

Join us for a deeply healing journey held in a beautiful and nurturing environment, surrounded by the raw, wild nature of Costa Rica. This retreat offers you the opportunity to connect directly with your ancestors or loved ones who have passed away.  Heal, transform and liberate both yourself and those that have come before you. This will allow you to birth more fully into self, celebrate life and to discover the truth of who you are.

Have you ever considered that the emotions and issues you experience are not actually yours?

Do you recognise patterns in yourself that you can also see in your parents?

What would it be like to be free of the beliefs, thoughts & emotions of your family?

Opportunities within the retreat

Connecting with your ancestors

Discovering inherited patterns from your grandmothers and grandfathers

Tracing wounds back through your lineage

Dynamic, transformative healing

Deeply nourishing food

Releasing blocks and emotions that have been held physically

Experiencing greater access to contacting friends and family who have passed over

Supporting ancestors in completing anything unresolved from their lifetime and enabling them to fully cross over

Majestic, wild nature

This week, wow – how do I explain in a few sentences..!!
Well, I knew it was going to be monumental but I was not entirely sure or fully prepared for what was to take shape.
It was far bigger than I ever expected.
It allowed me to dig deep and be vulnerable in an environment which was safe and nurturing.
It gives me great joy that not only have I helped those who came before me, but I have helped create a cleaner path for those who are set to join me, my children, for perfect unity in its purest state.
So, thank you for helping me see my potential and everlasting power – which I knew I had – but I feel I’ve now allowed myself to grow my backbone back, my strength to conquer is here! So thank you, again!!! Much love. Love & light!!
Emma xxx

Emma Riley, London UK

We’ve just completed an incredible retreat in the stunning snowy hills of Slovenia called ‘Birthing into Self’. The week delivered just that. It’s been a phenomenal experience.

I understand myself on a level I never thought was possible. The pains, fears and learned behaviour that we inherit from our ancestral lines create patterns of how we live, love and perceive ourselves. With Keith’s expert guidance, we discerned, faced and helped heal these patterns, breaking us free from the constraints of generational control, trauma and disempowerment.

It’s been an extraordinary journey of self-discovery finding who lies beneath these layers we have defined ourselves by.

We have the power to choose, love and accept ourselves, freeing ourselves from the constraints we have placed upon ourselves, thus allowing us to live in presence, knowing and freedom. How incredibly  empowering – Jess

Jessica Cook, London UK

Intuity courses have changed my life. With years on the personal transformational path and alternative routes in this time Intuity provided an offering of more lifetime shifts than my dreams could have imagined!

The Birthing into self retreat stripped away so many beliefs held since a young child enabling a permanent release of these limiting patterns, beliefs, mind chatter which was sheer liberation. Plugging into the knowledge of where such beliefs and patterning originated from then be able to free myself to discover who I am in my full authentic expression in a safe. Loving, supported environment.  Love, joy, freedom, liberation, deep friendships are just some of the things you can expect from an Intuity course.
With deep gratitude and thanks to Keith – Emma
Emma Attrell, Brighton UK

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