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The Journey

The journey we choose is only for us, we must follow one heart led step at a time into the unknown.

Our path is not one others will always understand, or make sense of, it is for us to walk alone.

There is a calling from within you, which is calling you into alignment with your highest Truth. 

Listen…  can you hear the gentle persuasion of your impassioned heart awakening you to the truth of who you are? 

Keep listening… one heart led step after another. It may not make logical sense, but when you arrive you will feel it deep within you. 

Until the next ripened layer arises to the surface to be transformed to reveal the true magnificence of your being.

Continue to breathe yourself into your heart and await the guidance you seek, as it is seeking you… the rest will be up to you.

Founder, teacher, mentor & workshop facilitator at Intuity International. Keith is a loving and powerful healer, global leader, incredibly intuitive, clear channel, playful and heart-centred.