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Start living a life of your dreams through this rich resource available for you on your healing journey.

Effortlessly access a dynamic healing experience in the comfort of your own home, or in person at one of Intuity International’s preferred venues around the world. With over 30 years of combined experience, Kyla and Keith have designed a wide range of workshops; offering you a flavour of their life-changing transformational work.

Available every month, join many like-minded people committed to the deepening practice of self-realisation and living a life beyond their wildest dreams!

Emotional Tracing

A remarkable way to heal your deepest wounds

  • Access the root of your emotions
  • Break free of restrictions
  • Discover yourself in a new way

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Ancestral Healing

A journey through your lineage

  • Discover inherited patterns
  • Liberate yourself from ancestral wounding
  • Experience joy and expansion

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Violet Fire

A powerful and beautiful energy supporting you to let go from deep within

  • Free yourself from limiting patterns
  • Cleanse your inner self
  • Become reinvigorated and energised

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Cutting Ties To The Past

Release the past and embrace your life

  • Explore the binds that keep you stuck
  • Free yourself from limitations
  • Experience new possibilities

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Past Life Regression

Explore your soul’s journey

  • Explore lifetimes which still impact you now
  • Release trauma that pre-exists your birth
  • Experience love and celebration

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“Wow! Attended Intuity’s Violet Fire Workshop in Los Angeles with Keith Hodge, a life altering experience! I received clarity around what is stopping me and clarity in my purpose in life: to be a healer of the world! The best energy workshop I’ve ever experienced! He rocked it! I look forward to attending future workshops and trainings!” 

Lisa Deerr Li, California, United States

“After being a Reiki master for 6 years and growing up in a healing household, what I got from today was the expansion that I was looking for, spiritually and on the core, where I can apply it to my life. And I really was able to identify where I was stopping myself and that I actually, in collaboration with others, have the power to distinguish and identify – be free of what stops me. And I was actually able to shut the door on that today. So it’s incredible, thank you.” 

Katie Roberts, California, United States

“Wow the ancestral healing workshop was so INCREDIBLE. It was 100 times stronger than Ayuasca! I healed wounds from ancestors many generations back.” 

Sophia Argabright, Burning Man, United States

“Previously I have always felt lost and was unsure of the point of the healing workshops but when I was very stuck I thought I would give it a go! I have been going to Keith’s workshops regularly for the past 2 years and always feel wonderful and liberated afterwards. Feeling light, refreshed, comforted and developing new insights to move forwards in life. They have changed my inner world and perspective on the outer world.

This has led me to remember a whole new outlook, rather than just the 2 dimensional world that can lead to being stuck and stagnation. Keith is gentle, calm and highly intuitive ensuring a comfortable space where everyone is equal, and for all to develop at their own pace. I look forward to them each month and highly recommend them. My life has changed completely.” 

Lisa Thomas, East Sussex, United Kingdom

I participated in an online Ancestral Healing workshop with Keith and gained so much from the experience. I was able to connect in with grandparents, gain a new understanding of their traumas, and release physical trauma of my own through allowing their experiences to be seen and felt fully. Would highly recommend.

Sam Parker, Brighton

“Feel grateful for the experience. Very gentle but at the same time very deep healing.”  

Mariya Boycheva, Surrey, UK

“I could feel very deeply in my body as things were releasing and, as always, it was unexpected. It’s very real and the sense of space is huge, but at the same time I can feel when there’s a resistance coming up, and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with Intuity, because it becomes very clear energetically. it’s been a very beautiful group. Thank you I feel immense gratitude.” 

Ela Graves, Orgiva, Spain

“Aren’t we lucky to have a gifted and talented teacher amongst us to share and encourage others to work in the light. So it is. Keith has taken me from a mended wing – to take up my first steps and everything in between and even more to come! Thank you.” 

Karen, Surrey, United Kingdom

“Recently I attended an Intuity event with Keith and Kyla. During the event I had strong fear based sensations in my throat and solar plexus along with thoughts of my Mom’s Japanese side of the family where a lot of resentment, sadness and anger resided. It came as a surprise to me as I hadn’t thought about any of it for a long while. The emotional tracing techniques allowed me to permanently redirect the energy into a positive place. I highly recommend working with Intuity as their techniques are rare and extremely effective.” 

Austin McDonald, California, United States

Keith’s ancestral healing workshops are magnificent; I often find that they allow you to relate to your current woundings in a completely different way. For instance if you suffered with fear and then realised that it’s just something you inherited and or picked up on the way then actually letting go of it can be a lot simpler.  The workshop in general was great; Keith helped guide us to connect to an ancestor looking to heal and then through the use of breath work and compassion helped us all to release our wounds one by one even giving personal advice to anyone struggling.
What I have found from this and previous experience with ancestral healing is that many of our current wounds are linked to us through our DNA and lineage and by healing these you can really free yourself up and live a more authentic life.
Keith always brings a wholesome and wonderful presence to any workshop and I couldn’t rate this workshop or his entire healing platform any higher

Edward Vaughan, London

“I have worked with Keith a couple of times one on one and also in a group dynamic (in person and online) along with his powerful wife Kyla. Any of their healing environments are remarkably powerful and highly effective (online, in person and over the phone). Keith is a compassionate, caring human who  patiently listens specifically for what it is people are dealing with and truly taps into the core of the issue by reading in-between the lines of what we sometimes do not have the courage to say. He has this amazing ability to sense what people are going through even from 1000’s of miles away. When I was first introduced to Keith I had been invited to attend one of his on-line workshops. I jumped on the call but did not speak as I was just in a place to listen. Halfway through that hour and a half long session, I heard Keith stop and state that he was feeling someone on the line that had some deep grief and sadness. All the other people on the line did not identify with what he was describing and I realized he had tapped into my energy with compassion and curiosity. Since then, in a couple of sessions, I have been able to relieve some of that sadness, reconnect a younger version of myself with some healing and forgiveness for my late father and have identified a core blockage that transcends across all areas of my life. It is obvious that Keith and Kyla are committed and dedicated to globally helping as many people as possible benefit from their transforming healing techniques.  If you are looking for powerful results and a chance at freedom from those stuck, debilitating traumas, I highly recommend you jump in, and at the very least, have a heart to heart with Keith or Kyla. You will get your life out of even just one phone call with them.” 

Beth Ann Porter, California, United States

“It was my first time and it was actually last minute. It was absolutely beautiful, wonderful, amazing, eye-opening. I have been spiritual for, you know, many years now and this is a new outlet, a far better one. It was eye-opening, the things that I saw – I mean, you can’t even get that through drugs. The energy of the people that we had around us, we were all connected, all one, all loving each other, all embracing each other. How much better can you get? It was like we were all one, and we were able to do that together. I’d just – I’d love to continue to go to your workshops and whatever else you may end up doing.  Everybody that attended had beautiful souls. There’s nobody I felt threatened by or that I felt that I couldn’t open up to. The looking in the eyes exercise was spot on, it was wonderful, I love looking into people’s souls and being able to feel that. It was just one of the most beautiful experiences in my life.”

Woody, California, United States

“My experience was pure bliss and creating it for myself and being able to find it inside of myself. Really cool. To be able to find the levels that I haven’t been able to reach before. It’s just like overwhelming amounts of bliss and happiness and love and infinity and oneness. Really incredible.”

Ethan Roberts, California, United States

“The emotional tracing workshop I took with Keith and Kyla was truly paradigm shifting. I’ve experienced a few inner child work related healings, but nothing has come close to as effective and impactful as this powerhouse dynamic duo couple’s Intuity Academy workshop. The issue I resolved for myself in the workshop, continued to unravel the following week. Their training methodology and the tools they offer in this workshop are highly multi-dimensional and the positive effects are permanent. As a result, my husband and I deepened our bond and intimacy in our relationship. Since the workshop, I’ve been able to support close friends and family with accessing their own inner child healing through emotional tracing. It is something that everybody can benefit from and is an effective tool for humankind. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone willing to ponder the path of self expansion, and to anyone seeking more intimacy in their life.” 

Madison Holland, California, United States

The Violet Fire workshop last night was so deep and powerful. My body is unlocking and I can breathe with so much more ease.

Lisa Thomas, London, United Kingdom

“Fantastic opportunity to dig deeper into the brain to find things I have been struggling with as an adult firmly rooted in childhood. I feel totally empowered now to function normally without the emotional burdens I carried before today. Thanks to Keith for helping me find it. I feel free.”

Helen, Surrey, United Kingdom

“What can I say – amazing experience! The depth of knowledge and understanding Keith provides is incredible. The ability to cut through to the core is something I will be learning along with the depth of clearing emotions.” 

Bina Mistery, Surrey, United Kingdom

It was an extremely powerful experience. I felt I had cleared negative energy and emotions that don’t belong to me. It was a loving and powerful journey filled with light.
Followed by a lightness of being. I still feel great. Thank you Keith.

Tracey Williams, London UK

“I have a voice and I am not afraid to use it!” 

Louise Blackmore, Surrey, United Kingdom

“Absolutely outstanding healing. If ever I have something in my life that is out of balance, I always think of calling Keith and Kyla.” 

Dan Warburton, Singapore

“It was the most amazing, heart centred, transmutation, transformation, energies of love with no separation and so much healing available. It was the most loving, amazing, transformative experience. And I’ve done a lot of workshops. It was amazing. I’d give it 5 stars.” 

Christine Wincott, California, United States