That's OVER 50 Guided Healing Journeys That You Can Explore at Your Leisure!!!


  • DNA Activation

  • Diving Into Root Emotion

  • Connecting With Your Healing Guide

  • Enlightenment Waves

  • Power Retrieval

  • Gifts From Past Lifetimes

  • Facing Your Shadow

  • Meeting Our Higher Self

  • Healing The Diaphragm, Lungs And Throat

  • Psychic Surgery

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Past 1 ColumnLife Healing

And many, many more for you to choice from at your leisure...

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If you are ever in the position where:
  • You feel anxiety, grief, loss, frustration, stress

  • You are stuck within your relationship or your work

  • You experience recurring addictions to alcohol, drugs or food

  • You are struggling with a physical injury or illness

  • You become aware of an ancestral pattern

  • Committing to developing consciously becomes important to you

  • You just want to take time out for yourself to relax, transform and heal...

Then an Intuity Bliss Membership is PERFECT FOR YOU!!!

Here's what others are saying about their Intuity Bliss Membership...

Tessa Lynn

Energy and Body Worker, USA

'Intuitive Bliss Membership has been a part of my life for over a year now, and I would say I listen to it at least 3 to 4 times a week. During meditations and restful breaks in the day, I tune into an hour or more session with Keith to enhance my experience. I am able to really relax into myself and truly work on the deep issues and trauma to heal them.

It has also allowed me to connect to my ancestors and guides. I have had many powerful meditations and healed my aura from micro fractures to allow my cup to be filled up.

My partner and I have started to listen to it in the morning with our daily meditation practice. After my meditations I can feel massive changes in myself and my soul, I feel as if my soul is dancing inside my body. It helps me to keep a deeper connection with Myself and I.'

Jill Cohen

Energy Healer, USA

"Intuity Bliss is like a soft blanket wrapped around me. I can just let go of my day and soften into Keith’s gentle but soothing powerful voice and guidance.

He and his guides take me so deep underneath my protections into the core of my heart that touches my soul. Old memories of sadness, grief and fear are gently caressed into moments of presence. Then the work of allowing and expressing can begin.

It's as if old shells of former selves can be acknowledged and released.

Intuity Bliss is a healing journey to wholeness and living from heart that would otherwise take lifetime. Give yourself the gift of compassion and love and enjoy the journey."

Anna Donkin

Founder and CEO of The Magnetic Life Club, Australia

"I love Intuity Bliss and have had some profound healing experiences listening to the journeys.

There are so many different offerings I can always find something that relates to what I need at the time.

I always feel safe, held and supported by Keith and his guides, allowing me to delve deeper and do the inner work. It has definitely helped raise my vibration and bring so much to my life."

Charlotte Chalkley

Founder and CEO of The SOS Academy and The Ultimate Hypno Coach, Tenerife

"I was first introduced to Intuity Bliss by a friend, who raved about how much it had helped her and suggested I try it. I admit I was sceptical at first. I mean, how could this Keith help me when he didn't even know I was there listening? But within the first 10 minutes of my first Intuity Bliss journey my scepticism was proved wrong.

I was swept up in a powerful healing experience, that allowed me to go deep inside and face parts of me I had been ignoring. I was able to acknowledge, accept and reintegrate these parts, and at the end, when I came back to my body, I felt so much more aligned than I had.

Now, I make Intuity Bliss a regular part of my self maintenance program. Thank you Keith, and thank you to your guides for all that you have done.."

Donna Joy Usher

Founder and CEO of The Magnetic Life Club, Australia

"Self care used to be a big problem for me. I would schedule in a night off from work, but then not know what to do, and would end up staying at my computer. And then I discovered Intuity Bliss.

From the first guided healing I was hooked. Keith's voice and the music transcended me to a place outside of the now. Afterwards, I was so much more relaxed and content within myself, that now, every Tuesday night, I switch off my computer, grab my headphones, and make myself comfortable so that I can take the time out that my mind and my body needs.

Thank you Keith. You have become an important part of my self-care program."

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$398 $199 PER YEAR

Keith Hodge is an international healer and coach who has supported over 1000 people to transform their lives. He is a co-founder of Intuity International and has facilitated training in countries around the world such as Bali, Los Angles, Eastern Europe, Ibiza and the UK.

Keith facilitates in a way where his clients are empowered and at the source of their own transformation. He is able to take people beyond the protections that have previously stopped them breaking through at the deeper layers of their unconsciousness so they can finally have the transformation and the healing that they need to live a fulfilled life that they love.



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