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Charlotte Chalkley BSc(hons) DipCAH Charlotte spent her adolescent years playing around with healing using her hands, connecting with spirit guides and working intuitively but gave it up as an adult until a few years ago. Her adult years were spent studying psychology and hypnotherapy and working with trauma, anxiety and depression. Charlotte has been a qualified hypnotherapist for 20 years now and after a long break from healing and psychic work felt the call to come back to her natural abilities and develop further her spiritual knowledge and practice. In addition to her academic skills and her natural intuition and connection to other realms Charlotte had a difficult childhood and adolescence and through her own healing of this she is a very open and clear channel to now help others do the same. She combines her life experience and her skill sets with compassion and grace, creating a safe  yet powerful space for people to heal and expand mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Charlotte is a very professional and compassionate therapist. I felt immediately understood and safe with her. Our sessions helped me to release some inner child wounding and emotions that were stuck in my body for a long time. She could even access memories from past lives which I found very impressive. I really recommend her work to anyone who wants to heal deep psychological wounds.


Amazing and life changing! 

Charlotte is a very talented hypnotherapist that really knows how to work with the subconscious mind. The effects that her hypnotherapy had on my mind and life were very surprising and profound.. not only did we work on healing trauma’s from this lifetime, we also did a alot of healing of my past lifes, she made me realize that alot of feelings I am experiencing today are connected to my past life’s.

I can’t thank her enough for helping me dig into my past life’s and release trauma’s.

I can highly recommend her for the unique ways of working with the subconscious mind.


I have done a bunch of sessions with Charlotte by now that helped me in many ways. She is a very experienced Therapist and will give you 100% of her attention and power. I was especially impressed by the ancestral healing sessions we did. If you are looking (maybe by now desperately) for solutions of emotional patterns that actually have their root far back in time, without you knowing about it you will keep walking in the dark and repeat. Charlotte and her spirit guides can help you bringing it to light.


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