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Are You Living In A Box?

As you read this, consider that you may be living in a box and it has been there so long that you have no idea how to be anything other than the expression of this box. 

For example, “I could never speak on stage”, “I am too controlling”, “I am too sensitive.”

These boxes are an ILLUSION!

These are all learnt behaviours that have become stuck, not our real expression. It would actually be impossible to label someone as a single quality. We can all be strong and weak, shy and bold, contained and wild. If we present as a fixed quality it is because our inner beliefs have shaped our expression and actions to be that way.

The boxes we live from are hidden within our unconscious. Others may describe these boxes as our personality. For example Brian is shy, Tracey is too controlling, Trevor never replies to my voice message, he is so disrespectful!   

This is because we live within a range of boxes or limiting containers that were created a long time ago. These boxes are made up of 100’s if not 1000’s of different thoughts, beliefs and feelings that have created a world of should or should not. Many of these boxes are hidden outside of our conscious awareness, subtly influencing the direction we are moving in and the choices we make. There is very little if anything new created from the choices of our boxes, all we are doing is repeating actions and expressions that we have already carried out many times previously.

How do I break free of my boxes?

The good news is that it is possible to break free of the boxes that you have created earlier in your life, or learnt through your family or society. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than seeing someone break out of a box and step into his or her true expression. The sense of aliveness present in these moments is just incredible. 

The way to break through these limitations is firstly to observe the patterns around how you express and the actions you take or do not take. The first stage of any healing process is allowing, so give yourself permission to simply observe yourself with real honesty. 

Sharing one of my own boxes

One of the current boxes that I am aware of in myself is around blogging and writing content. This box has shown up a number of times recently. I express that I’m going to create lots of posts so I can share online inspiring insights and transformation experiences. But what happens when I create time to write is that I actually end up distracting myself with anything else possible. Paying bills, booking in clients, buying clothes or travel for my trip to Burning Man. The list is endless… 

Through writing this blog I have allowed this need to distract myself, breathed into the feelings that are underneath and allowed them to surface. Over time what I have discovered is that there is a deeply buried fear within me of being successful combined with a fear of failing. My protection is to procrastinate and distract myself from writing so that I do not have to experience the fear of failing. 

By fully allowing my fear of being successful and the fear of failing I can see that my unconscious believes if I am successful there will be nowhere to hide any longer. If I am unable to hide then it fears that people will see through me, that I am actually not smart and I am a failure. My feeling to procrastinate is very strong because this is how my unconscious knows how to protect me from having to feel fear of being a failure. 

Now that I have a clear connection to this fear I will be able to trace it through an incredible Intuity Academy technique called emotional tracing. Every emotion has a root, an impact moment where the emotion was first experienced. In this moment we resisted the emotion we were feeling, we push it into our unconscious and simultaneously create a protection in an attempt to never experience the emotion again.  

When successfully tracing our root emotion it is possible to release the entire thread. Everything built upon it is an illusion and will dissolve from the place it was held in our unconscious. This is where we break free of our boxes and are able to embody a greater level of authentic expression. 

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Founder, teacher, mentor & workshop facilitator at Intuity International. Keith is a loving and powerful healer, global leader, incredibly intuitive, clear channel, playful and heart-centred.